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Fort Pitt Tunnel: Road Closed, But Sidewalk?

A picture is worth 1000 words.
2014-11-15 23:42:08
Here's another one: It's been reported to PENNDOT, with this tunnel work going on for the next SEVEN weekends, I'm curious to see what they do about it or what *cough* *cough* 'happens' to the sign. (EDIT) looks like someone's bent the bottom arm of the reflective striping sometime between then I took my shot and when yours was taken! Ha!
2014-11-15 23:53:06
Also mentioned in this thread.
2014-11-16 04:12:28
Swim, little sign, swim! The really pathetic thing is, there are road signs that clamp to barriers exactly like that, but project engineers, contractors, PennDot, are all too effing stupid to think about other road users. ICYMI, the deepest parts of my being burn with a flaming toxic hatred of PennDot.
2014-11-16 07:55:06
Oooh, here's an idea: Somebody plaster that thing with Cleveland Browns stickers!
2014-11-16 07:58:04
It really is too bad there were not a few cyclists traveling over the bridge at the time they were putting up that sign, to politely inform them that what they were doing was stupid. I suggested (constructively) on a Facebook thread that if they'd thought about it a bit, they could have hung that sign from the girder directly overhead. Even with that clamp-on setup in @edmonds59's photo above, it might help to affix a rope from the top of the sign to the girder, just to keep it in place in case of high winds.
2014-11-16 08:24:10
One could toss it in the river. Would that be litter? Maybe fish would like it? I go over that bridge now and again on the sidewalk. I guess we could take the lane. That is in the city for goodness sake. They can't completely block a sidewalk. How is anyone going to get by that thing?
2014-11-16 11:21:10
@Edmunds59 Swim, little sign, swim!
2014-11-16 18:01:19
Well, you could attach the sign to a rope, attach the other end to the bridge, and hang the sign out over the water. That way you're not dumping the problem on the fish, or perhaps scratching the bottom of somebody's boat. Plus PennDOT can reuse the rope to help secure the sign to some girder above, so it's really just being helpful. :-) Might even garner a little publicity to shame them into stopping this thoughtlessness. But it probably serves some small safety function, keeping the metal boxes from hitting other metal boxes, so it must be endured for now.
2014-11-16 19:33:23
If I had a junk wheelchair available, I'd roll it up behind the sign, turn it sideways, and just let everyone wonder what the hell happened.
2014-11-17 14:16:12
What happens here is PennDOT hires a contractor to do the work, who does it in this shitty way. They don't care about blocking sidewalks. Then, unless somebody complains, that's the way it stays. However, since Red has complained, I expect it will get fixed in a few days. PennDOT will send somebody out to see the sign, and will tell her about status. And maybe after this happens enough the contractors will start doing the work in the right way in the first place. But it won't happen unless we complain. And maybe even contact folks who have authority over PennDOT to make them change their oversight of contractors.
2014-11-17 14:50:02
If PennDOT cared about blocking the sidewalks, they would call for not blocking the sidewalks in their contracts. This happens all over the place. Why do government entities have to suck so much? The stupid railroad overpass construction I mentioned months ago still has pedestrians walking in the lane of traffic on 885: http://localhost/mb/topic/have-you-made-your-311-complaint-this-week/page/14/#post-305169 Last I heard, the district supervisor brought it up with his safety guy, which I think resulted in a "no pedestrians" sign going up
2014-11-17 15:07:10
Someone put it in the traffic lane, please.
2014-11-17 21:18:46
It IS in the traffic lane...You mean put it on the highway.
2014-11-18 02:39:58
Is this sign still there? Seriously, how can you get by that thing?
2014-11-23 22:34:40
The sign is disassembled and is leaning against the wall. It's mostly out of the way and both bikes and pedestrians are able to get by. But more tunnel closings are scheduled, which means it may reappear. But it should not block the sidewalk. If you see this or any other sidewalk being blocked by a PennDot sign please take a pic of it and post it to this thread. "Someone" seems to know of a useful email address at the Post Gazette that was very helpful in getting the sign taken down in *under two hours. *signs blocking sidewalks seems to be a pet peeve of said email address owner - who owns a journalistic pen!
2014-11-23 23:13:49
That SomeOne is awesome. Thank you.
2014-11-23 23:19:39
Wow, this is good.
2014-11-24 06:57:07