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FS: misc bike stuff

Cygolite HLMT-DCV6 helmet mount, new in the package. I recently bought this but haven't used it, and the new light I just got came with the mount. Works with Expilion, Metro, Streak, Pace Systems. $10. Topeak Hexus II multitool, new in box. I got this as a gift but already have one (as well as an Alien II; I carry the Hexus all the time, the Alien is a bit bulky). Anyways, I don't need a third multitool and would rather give someone the few bucks off it would cost me to ship it back. $15.
2013-12-27 01:11:53
Probably not a bad idea to grab the helmet mount... I'll be in town tomorrow evening/night if you'll be available.
2013-12-27 01:39:17
PM sent about the helmet mount.
2013-12-27 11:10:29
i managed to lose my bike multitool last year, so if you've still got the Hexus available, i'll happily take it off your hands.
2014-01-15 13:40:51
Cool - I'll throw it in my bag and we can try to meet up. I'm going to the GASP open house tomorrow night if you're going to that by any chance (which reminds me, I meant to post about that).
2014-01-15 20:44:26
More stuff for sale: $20 - Detours Toocan utility pannier (black). Includes a clip-on shoulder strap and rain cover. Decent capacity with a lot of pockets inside, it's heavy quilted material and a thick rubber bottom. The mounting system on mine is a little different than the one in the review, it uses black plastic clips and there are inserts if you have a thinner rack. As in the review, I think the mounts could be better since they don't really "grab" the rack. I used a bungee attached to the handle to keep it from bouncing around. $20 - Instep ride-n-run trailer. I've had this for 10+ years but only used it to haul stuff a handful of times. The hitch receiver mounts with the QR skewer and the hitch attaches to that. You can also remove the hitch and install a wheel (included) and push it. It's a bit dirty but otherwise in good shape.
2014-02-02 18:44:20