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FS: Novara Afterburner Trailer Bike

This is the first generation of REI's trailer bike. It has a 20" wheel, quick-release seatpost attachment, and a folding boom. It's in very good condition, stored in our basement, and not used in the rain or muck. $150/OBO Email bjanaszek/gmail if you are interested.
2014-01-23 20:03:16
I know you have an OBO on it, but I think your top line price is still WAY too ambitious. This looks like the same thing, from a reputable seller, for 80$. No idea if this might be why there's little resale: I say this stuff not to give you a hard time. I definitely have use for such a thing and I like the idea of dealing locally and with a bike-pgh member. Just, it has to be the right thing, at the right price. Maybe my mistake and this doesn't apply to your model? Or, maybe the recall can work in your favor? Don't know how long you can bring something back under it, if you're the original owner. Kinda curious how generous REI's policy is. Anyways, good luck, and post any significant updates here. This isn't a bad forum to find a buyer, and it may even theoretically be me. Cheers, Ben
2014-01-23 22:03:18
The bike was purchased after the initial recall, so according to REI, the offending parts have been replaced. If you are offering $80, please drop me an email and let's do business.
2014-01-24 06:47:06
PM sent.
2014-01-24 08:03:32