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Garmin Edge 520 - Live Track Question

Does anyone know if this is possible with a Garmin 520 Edge?... If you turn the "Live Track" on your Edge 520... And you also pair your device with the Garmin Connect App on an Android.... Is there a way another Garmin account holder, who is your verified friend, can see your real-time position? In my case, the verified friend does NOT have a Garmin device, but instead, has a Garmin Account with the Connect App on an Android. So I want the verified friend to see my position and the time of day on their phone. So far, the only result we get is that my verified friend will see a notice under "Connections" that says "" "last Sync: 2:43" It doesn't show a location and it doesn't update the time. I'd really like to know if it's possible to see the location and if you can get real-time updates. Thanks in advance for your help!
2017-03-26 21:51:14
I'm new to LT having just bot an Edge 820, but here's my understanding. All IIRC and YMMV, of course. When you go into GC on your fone and start your LT session, that's where you tell it whom to share with. I don't *think* it shares with GC friends by default, tho it might be a selection. However, you can share/send the URL to your friend directly via SMS or email. That should do the trick. Emphasis on *should*; my emergency contact has been unable to get the client side of LT to work, getting only persistent network and permission errors. I'd be curious to hear if others have gotten it working, and on which hardware combination (GPS & fone).
2017-03-27 09:52:19
One way I've found around this is to set up "locations" in the Google plus app if you have an Android. Not sure about compatibility with iPhone. Works well keeping track of where people are.
2017-03-27 12:08:34
I made a little progress this morning. @Ornoth - you are correct when you wrote "However, you can share/send the URL to your friend directly via SMS or email." I dug a little deeper on my phone and realized that if I add the email address of the verified friend under "SHARE SESSION" they get an email with a link. For today's experiment the link seemed to have worked for a short time then crapped out and couldn't relocate me. Anyhow, I'm getting closer. Thanks for the help. And so far, I've found the Garmin forum site to be a pain to negotiate, not much help.
2017-03-27 12:29:52
That Google mention reminded me... In the past I've used the Glympse fone app on Android for exactly this purpose. It was pretty easy to use, didn't seem to drain the batty, provided pretty similar functionality, and didn't require the bike computer. And it was very reliable. I'll probably resume using it if I can't get better reliability out of GC LT. Pity, tho. The 820's Group Track feature seems like it could be beneficial.
2017-03-27 13:01:39
I bet that the google maps feature builds off of what was already available in google +.  the google + interface sucks, just like google + itself, but it is a 'set it and forget it' type of thing.  all 4 of us in our family have our google+ location tabs linked to one another, so we can see where everyone else is.
2017-03-27 13:53:31
...And like magic Google disabled this in Google plus today for its move back into Google maps...
2017-03-27 17:47:48
btw, just set up and tried the new google share location feature in the google maps app.  It is much better than the old google latitude service built into google + (which they just got rid of).  Very easy to use, very easy to set up . gives a lot of control over location sharing.  Provides real time tracking. Look for it in the google maps app.  If it isn't showing, you may need to update the app from the app store.  If that doesn't work, you may need to wait a few days, since google rolls out their new updates to different people at different times.  you can also go into the system > location and then go into the "share location features."  I use vanilla android (I have a nexus), so it may look different if you're using a non-vanilla android phone. Also not sure how compatible this is on an iphone.
2017-03-29 09:54:08
Cool - thanks for the info @edronline I'm going to do another Live Track experiment this evening, if it doesn't work, I'm headed for the google maps app.
2017-03-29 10:27:55