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Heinz field

I might bike to the Pitt game tomorrow. I read that I'm not allowed to take a water bottle into the game.  do people generally leave their water bottles on their bikes when they park at a game?  I would also have to thread my lock through my helmet. Do you think this would be okay? is there any bike parking at the stadium or do I have to use the racks near the river? Has there been issues with bike security at these games? Thanks
2016-09-02 06:11:05
I would strongly advise not leaving any lights, pump, or tools in a saddlebag on the bike, people will swipe those just to be jerks. Locking thru the helmet should be fine, although that implies using a cable lock. Use a u lock on the bike itself, cable locks are easily cut. Water bottle, eh, use a cheap one, not like, your beloved 1983 limited edition team Evian livery.
2016-09-02 06:54:47
Wow I have to even remove lights. :( this does not bode well for humanity. In any case, thanks for the reply.
2016-09-02 07:01:07
There are racks on either side of the Science Center- less jerks over there, although maybe still a few.
2016-09-02 09:49:55
There are racks down near where the gateway clipper drop off is leading up to the entrance There are usually quite a lot of bikes here and I've not had any issues here in the past.  I wouldn't leave expensive lights or other stuff, but I have left cheap lights on in the past without issue.  Definitely use a u-lock.
2016-09-02 09:54:03
To prevent bicycle light theft, I've superglued my lights to their mounts. Thieves would have to use a screwdriver and a wrench to take them off. And if they are so hell-bent on stealing a $10 - 20 light to use a screwdriver and a wrench , I would let them be.   On the side note, I also make sure that I can replace the batteries easily on my lights. I only use lights that accept AA or AAA batteries for this reason. I would have to drag my bike to a power outlet to charge my lights if I use those with built-in batteries.
2016-09-02 11:22:06
Ok you scared me out of it. I didn't realize people would steal bikes with so many people being around. I am disheartened at humanity.   Im driving. And plus, I lost my u lock a few weeks ago.
2016-09-02 19:52:16
I'd just park my bike, lock it, and leave my water bottle and stuff on it. I've had a light stolen once in the last 10 years.  Never had a water bottle messed with, but a homeless dude took a bottle of OJ once. When I leave something of possible value in my panniers, I put a pair of definitely dingy (although laundered twice since last use) Jockey shorts on top. I live on the edge.        
2016-09-02 20:10:48
As far as locking helmets go, I just loop the top of the Y on the straps through my ulock. There is no way to remove the helmet easily without a knife, and then you have an unusable helmet. Never had one stolen this way, but as always YMMV. I've gone to using cheap tail lights from ebay now, I still take my headlight with me because it's $$$. At less than $2 a light, I just by 10 of them once a year and use them, lose them, give them away, etc.  They work great on a helmet too. Only issue is shipping takes a long time, so I re-order before I run out. The ones I buy are like this:
2016-09-03 10:40:37