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Helping the Homeless by Bike -- with BikePgh!

Bridgette Wright at BikePgh is working to collect essential supplies and use the bike community to deliver them to homeless folks "sleeping rough" outside. Here's a link: http://localhost/2015/11/17/helping-the-homeless-by-bike/ Would you please consider donating supplies and dropping them off at BikePgh? Or let me know and I'll come pick them up. Cyclists, we need help delivering them on Dec. 23 &27th. You may have heard me say this before, but there's an overlap between cyclists and the homeless. Just like you and me, they're out in the weather, they know where roads go up/downhill in a way that drivers don't notice, they understand the importance of clothing, they're mobile with minimal gear and neither group is necessarily "mainstream". The differences are: when I put out my tent and make coffee or take a nap, I'm a sign of the HealthyNewEconomy and people approve; homeless folks get hassled. When the 5-day forecast looks adversarial I stay inside, but they don't have the opt-out that most of us are fortunate to enjoy. These are the longest nights of the year. thanks!
2015-12-07 21:54:08
it's an exaggerated caricature, but it gets the gist of it:
2015-12-07 21:56:02
I'll be delivering a box of stuff to the BP office at the end of the week. Thanks for taking this on, BP (and Bridgette). For those of you who travel a lot (and stay in hotels....), this is a great way to reduce the number of "freebie" soaps and potions that you collect with every hotel stay.
2015-12-08 10:15:45