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Hit and run Ward Street & Cato Street - South Oakland

Saw a cyclist get hit on Ward St. & Cato St.  at around 9PM and the vehicle left the scene.  Not sure if it was the right thing to do, but we yelled to the guy who was on the ground that we'd get the plate of the vehicle.  Got the plate, looked for the guy who got hit (who must have left)  called it in to Pittsburgh Police and were advised that unless the cyclist called it in, they couldn't do anything (I guess because there would be no victim).  Guy hit the ground, hopefully, didn't hit his head. For the record, you shouldn't ride up Ward or Dawson the wrong way at night with no lights.  That's a bad idea.
2016-09-01 22:06:29
Wow.  I guess the cyclists wasn't hurt too bad (I hope).  I wonder if the cyclist left because he was concerned he'd get into trouble for going the wrong way.
2016-09-02 09:32:05
To my poor brain, while the motorist should have stopped to render aid, as required by law, the cyclist violated at least two of my three rules for safe cycling: 1) Be visible. Lights at night, light colored clothing or something on the bike that shows that you're there. Take the lane. This guy had no lights. 2) Be predictable. Signal your intentions, don't do anything unexpected. Going the wrong way on a one-way street is not one of those things. 3) Be responsible. Follow the rules, yield to pedestrians and anyone else who has right of way. Overlaps the previous one a bit here. Cyclists who adhere to these three rules of thumb have a lot less trouble than those who don't.
2016-09-02 13:43:27
PA plate GRT 1620 is possibly a Nissan Altima 2014 or so.  It is the plate of the vehicle involved, last night.
2016-09-02 15:53:37
"Cyclists who adhere to these three rules of thumb have a lot less trouble than those who don’t." Or at least their families have some solace that it wasn't their fault when they do get hit and killed.
2016-09-06 09:40:58