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How many miles or trips did you do in 2013?

I'm anal, like so many other riders I know, I just like keeping track of the numbers. I rode 125 times, 2,904.8 miles. Good year of riding. I had many more days of cold-weather riding in 2013 than any other year too.
2014-01-05 21:14:57
Something over 4800 miles, mostly commuting, plus a few long rides, Crush the Commonwealth and some randonnées.
2014-01-05 22:16:04
I know it's 2,554 miles, and I have a more detailed analysis scribbled on the back of an envelope, which I will put into chart form later.
2014-01-06 08:23:22
I'm way down this year due to several injuries, then laziness - 3,607.
2014-01-06 08:38:28
around 2500 logged on endomondo... but I missed the first month of that, didn't log before/after the period either. I'd guess somewhere upwards of 4000 all together. Unlike you, I can't stand keeping track, maybe due to the fact that I don't have any kind of computer to keep it simple. Average daily ride ~15-20 miles Average lazy day ride <5 miles. Preferred ride (once or twice a week) avg ~70 miles. I tried to get out on my bike every single day, but that was a bother. I prefer long all day rides!
2014-01-06 08:55:05
2023 miles. No idea on precise number of trips, but a lot more than the mileage suggest since my commute is short and once I got the panniers (thanks Sarah!) I started doing more very short errand running rides. Very few recreational rides in the mix.
2014-01-06 08:58:01
Starting around the beginning of May (once I figured out all that Endomondo Bike Challenge phone app stuff) to the end of the year I logged 2019 miles over 293 trips. (Yeah, I know, obviously a commuter...) But in the spirit of one-uppish competitiveness (not to mention ego defense), I must point out that I was off the bike for about 6-7 weeks of it. Still: Must. Try. Harder. Will Totally Slay 2014. Will not need no stinkin' resolutions to make it! [insert sound effect(s) here]
2014-01-06 09:08:10
@ Ben, so glad the panniers are working out for you! That they are encouraging you to ride more for short errands is great!
2014-01-06 09:19:19
4,644 miles over 210 rides total. I did a lot of lunch hour 13-17 rides just for exercise (as most of my riding).
2014-01-06 10:55:08
2,0xx since mid april. less than 60 rides iirc. actually very pleased with that. had a terrible staph infection in Q1 early Q2 that limited my riding.
2014-01-06 14:49:44
7027. That was with 2 1/2 months off of the bike when I tore my ACL then had reconstruction.
2014-01-06 19:42:53
2014-01-06 23:21:04
2013 was 5500 miles, down from 7000 the previous year. I got to ride on the Natchez Trace, the Katy Trail, and once around the Chesapeake Bay. Great Year.
2014-01-07 23:33:39
a bit over 6300. but i slacked in the beginning of the year.
2014-01-08 07:52:20
Vannevar- I am looking forward to retirement, even though it is far away. So many potential bike adventures.
2014-01-09 19:34:49
3,754 for 2013. entered the NYC Gran Fondo (May 2014)this year and i'm going to be riding as much as i can this winter to get ready for that and hopefully end up with a respectable time.
2014-01-10 15:56:50
Roberto, you have this brother, right? Alberto?
2014-01-10 21:27:19
2546 miles in 2013 hope to break 3000 this year
2014-01-10 21:54:35
ahlir, thanks for welcoming me to the city, but i am a long time resident of pittsburgh and "mi espanol no es bueno" so i'm answering in english and tiny bits of espanol "alberto no es mi hermano". any chance that you know Aitor Coca?
2014-01-10 21:56:23
2014-01-11 22:05:53
Just a shade under 2800
2014-01-12 17:23:14
I was a total slacker in 2013 with just under 800 miles.
2014-01-15 11:40:12
2,285 only :( Although I was indeed injured and completely off the bike for 6 weeks, and after that I started slowly to build-up again. Still, sniff :(
2014-01-15 15:16:54
3543, mostly commuting. Even managed to break 500 miles (barely) in May. Can't figure out how to get number of trips from Endomondo other than by counting month by month, but I did get a total duration of 357:20...
2014-01-17 15:27:34
I put those numbers together. Here they are, both raw numbers and chart form. Y axis is number of days that month that I took the bike out at all.
2014-01-20 18:10:09
Did I mention that riders can be anal about tracking miles? :-)
2014-01-20 18:42:52
Spreadsheets RULE!
2014-01-20 19:20:09
I believe I grabbed 5010 miles in 2013. 2014 is not off to as strong of a start... can't force myself to function. I biked more WITH THE FLU last year than I am riding in this cold.
2014-01-24 13:13:53
kitaira wrote:I believe I grabbed 5010 miles in 2013. 2014 is not off to as strong of a start… can’t force myself to function. I biked more WITH THE FLU last year than I am riding in this cold.
I'll be picking the pace up just as soon as we consistently stay in the single double digits... I would be lucky to log a mile a day in the current chill. No shame, I'm just getting all of my bike maintenance out of the way now. ;) Honestly, I tend to look at 20 degrees now the same way that I would have looked at 50 degrees a couple years ago.
2014-01-24 14:20:18
I tend to look at 20 degrees now the same way that I would have looked at 50 degrees a couple years ago Yeah. I used to pronounce, confidently, that low 20s is the natural limit for riding. It's not. Even if you're out for a couple of hours.
2014-01-24 18:42:46
kitaira wrote:I biked more WITH THE FLU last year than I am riding in this cold.
amen. haven't even touched my bike in a week--this'll be the first month since last february i don't even break 100mi. :(
2014-01-27 21:23:31
I had an unbroken string of weeks that I'd managed to get out at least once, going back to late 2011. Until the 5-11th. Womp.
2014-01-29 15:13:58