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Ideas for North Shore Squeeze By Kayak Pittsburgh

I'm an employee of Kayak Pittsburgh and often work at the North Shore location. I also bike to work most days. What I've noticed from biking and working there is that right by our main entrance (western side of the 6th Street Bridge) is that the corners often create dangerous interactions between bikers, walkers, and other users of the trail. Recently, when the Allegheny Landing was re-done, a divider line and a warning to slow down were put in place. There's also a mirror by our entrance that should help bikers and walkers see each other, but it's rarely used. In a perfect world, what would be the best (realistic solution) to solve this problem? Any thoughts are welcomed. DISCLAIMER: I'm writing this as a fellow trail user and not as an employee of Kayak Pittsburgh or Venture Outdoors. The opinions I express are my own and do not necessarily reflect that of my employer.
2017-05-26 16:30:19
As a frequent runner there I've never had a problem. Though i always hug the wall when running toward pnc park. I think most trail users are cautious of that curve. The bigger issue would be bikers coming around the curve and people walking down the steps from PNC park. I could see them getting blindsided as the stairs users end up right on the right side of the sidewalk where the bike path is. Maybe an additional big mirror in front of the boat patrol so that people can see around that corner?
2017-05-26 16:35:40
I'd recommend a yellow centerline down the middle of the lane at both corners, and for 50 feet before and after the corners, with big arrows on both sides of the centerline. Two of the arrows should be at the bottom of the stairs, so that people descending the stairs see the arrows and know that they're stepping into something. The paint should be refreshed every few years (that should be part of the initial budgeting).
2017-05-26 21:19:33
If you're walking from like the Roberto Clemente statue, down to the river, the staircase has a thick wall on the left which really creates a blind spot for descending walkers to see approaching traffic from the left. Similarly, if you're riding Millvale to FredRogers, that big wall prevents you from seeing people you're about to be in conflict with. I think that wall should be cut down, and left at a height roughly equivalent to a hand-railing. It would really increase visibility around the corner.   "Mr Peduto, tear down that wall"  
2017-05-28 20:10:35
Best Photoshop ever.   And we can transport that wall part to the Mexican border. And charge Mexico for the shipping.
2017-05-28 20:41:53