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Internet justice for cyclist hating video rant woman

"In the video, Weintraub is shown as a passenger in a car where she talks about how much she hates bike riders. “Every single one of them.” She asks the driver how much she would have to give him to “run one of these over.” Santa Paula Police Not Laughing About Video That Suggested Reserve Officer Wanted To Run Over Cyclists She has since resigned
2014-07-21 19:27:16
Glad you're all ok with this.
2014-07-22 01:06:37
I don't know if you can see thisFacebook post, so I'll retype it. The original poster's name is Greg Schuh. "Dear Chief MacLean, This incident has brought tremendous negative notoriety to your department -- even internationally. I'm sure both you and Ms. Weintraub are shocked by the speed with which the entire ordeal became an overwhelming conflagration. I'm not going to burden you or Ms. Weintraub with admonitions of further retributive action, whether deserved or legally justified or not. I WILL, however, implore you to take this as an opportunity to raise awareness amongst ALL road users regarding the letter and the spirit of the law. The iron of the public's attention is now hot. Few among the road going public drive well or even safely and far fewer still know the rules of the road -- motorists and cyclists alike. We are a nation of laws and the rules of the road -- from state to state -- are very carefully codified. If one has a driver's license, ignorance is not an excuse. Rather, it's a contractual obligation to the issuing agency that you know the rules of the road. It saddens me to say that even law enforcement officers, often times, fare not much better in the driving lawfully department. There are a number of cycling advocacy organizations that make every effort in their limited way to promote safe cycling and roadway awareness. I recommend you partner with at least one of these organizations and create a roadway awareness program of your own. This truly is an opportunity for you and your department to not only rein in the damage from the public relations debacle but, more importantly and more influentially, position yourself as a leader and role model for responsible, competent, and aware roadway use. I hope you give my recommendation serious consideration. Regards, Concerned and responsible road user "
2014-07-22 02:53:23
Never heard of her. And what the hell is a "volunteer reserve cop?" Anyway, she obviously wants to become famous and this video is making that happen. So unless she has millions of followers or something, I'll just ignore her and let the locals beat up on her. Why give her exactly what she wants - attention.
2014-07-22 07:35:41
Some people are asswipes. Some asswipes happen to be volunteer? cops.
2014-07-22 15:09:15
Well. She's a nit-wit. More disturbing than her "commentary" was the still photo at the end of the car crashing headlong into a group of cyclists with bikes and bodies flying all over, the caption of which read: "Like You Haven't Thought About It." I because people in cars see just cars, and not the people driving them, they also de-humanize people on bikes. Ugh.
2014-07-24 16:27:32