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ISO: rear & rack & panniers

making the GAP/C&O next month and looking for an ease of transport for my goods   looking to buy, rent or borrow. waterproof(ish) preferably. thnx
2017-03-02 15:38:43
Cheapest is panniers made from kitty litter containers. I've seen people use those on the GAP.
2017-03-02 15:41:45
Wondering how large of a profile they'd have, hanging (bolted) off the sides. Good rec though. Will give a look for some DIY ideas.
2017-03-11 15:19:05
I've used kitty litter buckets from time to time & they work great, just use an extra bungie cord to reduce any rattling noises (which mostly is only a problem when empty).  If you make the hooks/bolts so that the top of the buckets align with the top of the rear rack you create a very large flat area for tying down bulk items like your tent etc. On the bike they aren't that much wider than regular panniers but remember that they are hard so you can't overstuff them and they don't give if you bump up against something.  And as a bonus  they also double as camp stools at your destination.
2017-03-12 12:00:20
  I have a set of front panniers and a rack you can borrow.  PM me.          
2017-03-12 14:42:20