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It's Official--Driver cited

A sighting of the rare, elusive "75 § 3303 §§ A3" charge. Name is blocked out to protect the "innocent"
2013-06-24 08:14:37
My hero, Andy Booth. There should be a BikePgh hall of fame, and you should be in it. Maybe an award during BikeFest?
2013-06-24 08:22:44
Great! Thanks for doing what you are doing.
2013-06-24 08:33:57
This is good.
2013-06-24 08:44:07
This needs to be in the news and action alerts on the main page. 4 feet, it's (actually) the law! Awesome work.
2013-06-24 09:13:48
I'm resurrecting an old thread, because I heard Andy Booth interviewed (at 4:10) on this 13 minute radio program created by WESA: "Nanograms / 'Borg in the USA / episode four: Little Brother is Watching" about cyclists using cameras to record road rage incidents. Listen to it here:
2015-10-18 21:40:27
Hey, that's my bike in the photo! It was a day I used Bike #2 for a downtown trip, and MacGyvered my Fly6 to my bungee collection. Actually, I think that's my front camera in the top picture, too, with Bike #1 in the background. I don't remember the photo shoot, but I had both locked to a single rack for a brief period in June, so probably then.
2015-10-19 11:34:58
The wesa program started out ok, but it got profoundly stupid and terrible starting just shy of 10 minutes in when they talked about video editing and selection and the balance of power favoring the little guy on two wheels in some ways. Hmmn, last I heard people could also put a video camera on their dash and take, edit, and select video however they saw fit, too. The reason they don't? Because they don't have skin in the game and it's not worth the trouble. They then go way, way off the deep end. That the video galvanizes things further? It's true most motorists who are aggressive won't watch and suddenly care, but maybe you can get a few to understand a (bad) day in the life better and be more considerate, and the problem is a few bad actors, so it can serve a corrective purpose if it's taken seriously by authorities (which hopefully eventually they actually start doing like they implied by the piece). What the hell are they trying to imply with online bullying and pacemakers, that some motorist is going to off themselves in shame or a techy cyclist is going to stop their heart? Maybe there should be at least one example of something scary having happened, like, anywhere, before you queue the scary scenario extrapolation and scary music. WTF WESA, in trying to present open mindedness you've just revealed empty headedness.
2015-10-19 13:36:05