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Just yelled at by angry skateboarder

I've been yelled at by my share of drivers, pedestrians and even other cyclists for perceived transgressions, but this was a first for me. I was behind a middle aged male skateboarder and his female cycling companion headed outbound on Ellsworth. I passed them near the Morewood intersection. I stopped at a red light at Aiken and the skateboarder caught up to me and yelled at me that I should be riding on the side of the road. I told him that I have a legal right to take the lane. He replied that it's polite to ride over to the side so that cars can pass, and I replied that it's safest to ride by taking the lane. Then he yelled at me again and called me a couple of vulgar words. The light turned green, I pulled ahead and got another red light at Negley. Then he and cycling friend came by on my right, blew through the red light and every stop sign between Negley and the yellow pedestrian bridge. I guess that's polite in his book.
2015-10-04 14:53:17
@bhattenb It is upsetting when someone interacts with us in that manner. I'm doing my best these days to simply ignore them. Things seem to escalate when I try to "have a discussion." There was an old album by Joe Walsh entitled, "You Can't Argue With A Sick Mind," or a closed one either, for that matter.
2015-10-04 17:50:01
Better an angry skateboarder than a motorist. Or a cop. People have distinct, very specific ideas about how cyclists should ride. I've had people yell detailed descriptions of the kinds of signal lights I am supposed to have on my bicycle. Also their very own versions of the four-foot law.
2015-10-04 19:59:12
The yelling and stuff were not directed at you. It was for the benefit of the female cycling companion. Can you imagine doing this just on your own? You'd likely get someone calling in a 911.
2015-10-04 20:21:02
@fultonco "Things seem to escalate when I try to “have a discussion.” " Usually me too. But today I kept my cool. I don't know what set him off. @Ahlir "The yelling and stuff were not directed at you. It was for the benefit of the female cycling companion." You may be right. I hadn't considered that.
2015-10-04 21:10:40
Well, I was yelled at by a cyclist when I was driving my car. I passed her giving her about 10', but she was upset I passed at all. Sort of a long story, but I thought she may go up a certain hill, but she didn't, so if I could have read her mind, I wouldn't have passed her. Ah well, whatever. I think there are some people that are looking for some fight. I just try to avoid people in general these days. The media is making people crazier and crazier. No person can take all the hype and it is having an effect on everyone's brain. It only gets worse from here. The Internet will really take its toll in the next 10 years. I don't know if we will ever see an improvement if people can learn and figure it all out. I have very little faith in that and feel it will just keep getting worse due to hype/fear media mess. Oh well, I will ride on sidewalks and in the woods and if it gets bad enough, just quite altogether and get out in the country. F-it!
2015-10-04 22:05:06
gg- As long as your sidewalk riding is not in crowded business districts.
2015-10-05 13:04:36
helen, I give way to all walkers. I am in their area and feel they are first to go. I have been known to ride behind people for a long way not to disrupt their walking until I can pass without bothering them. Yep, I am in their space, but would rather not be in a dangerous space, so I do what I need to do. I haven't been in a good frame of mind as of late, so it is best to avoid cars as much as I can.
2015-10-06 01:01:24