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Let's get bike racks at Stage AE. Here's how we do it.

We need as many people writing in to the email form on their website as possible. Flood them with requests for bike parking. Be nice, but tell them that we are their customers and we need a secure place to lock our vehicles.
2013-06-07 12:10:39
Sent: "Would it be possible to get some bike racks installed near your facility? There are many concerts I would like to attend, but without secure bicycle parking I am hesitant to attend. I would also be willing to pay for a valet service that would allow me to keep my helmet, lights and other gear on the bike instead of trying to bring it into the venue with me."
2013-06-07 12:19:26
Great idea. Email sent.
2013-06-07 12:24:01
Sent an email and Shared link on facebook.
2013-06-07 12:44:21
Email sent and response received. Said they are working on it and to use the racks outside of Heinz Field in the mean time.
2013-06-07 12:58:50
I first attended AE to see the Monkees in 2011, and have been back a couple times since, most recently to see Lindsey Stirling. Each visit, I rode my bike there but had noplace close or secure to lock my bike or helmet. A modern rack I may U-lock the frame to is preferred. Thanks!
2013-06-07 14:21:09
I got a reply back almost immediately. Hi Stuart, Thanks for reaching out to us about this issue. As for the bike situation, we are working on this to find a solution. Pittsburgh is becoming more “bike-friendly” and we are looking into a solution for our concert goers. As for right now though, I believe there are bike racks available for use in front of Heinz Field that faces the outdoor area of our venue (on Art Rooney Dr). We are definitely looking into the proper type to install that is safe, secure, and convenient for our concert goers. Hopefully this will be resolved soon, and thank you for your feedback. Ali Maternowski Office Manager/Receptionist
2013-06-07 16:50:48
I don't like the quotation marks around bike-friendly :-/ I asked them before but I will again.
2013-06-07 17:30:29
Yeah, what do you guys do w/ helmets now? I was there last night, in the rain, they wouldn't even let people bring umbrellas in and there was just a giant pile of them outside.
2013-06-07 17:39:16
Doesn't everyone just run the lock through the straps? I thought we have been here before, and some people were paranoid about someone peeing in their helmet or something.
2013-06-08 06:25:09
For the past 15 years I have just locked my helmet to my bike using a U-lock through the back plastic piece that ratchets the helmet to one's head. No one ever has messed with it. I have done this literally thousands of times without incidence.
2013-06-08 09:41:50
I just hang my helmet on the bike. I had a 10+ year old helmet stolen once when workers moved the bike rack at work to paint the garage at my workplace. As with Scott - literally thousands of times.
2013-06-10 21:00:58
Same, I lock my helmet up with the bike all the time. Never worry about it. Nobody has peed on my helmet yet.
2013-06-11 07:54:41
Just heard back from the receptionist at Promo West. GREAT NEWS! We have successfully installed bike racks for our attendees. There are 12 spots available, first come first serve, on the North side of our venue off of Chuck Noll Way. Please let me know if you have any questions. ...Good Start. I'll try to take a photo of these spots totally full tonight at the National.
2013-06-11 11:54:02
Whoaaa! Hold on a sec. Lindsey Stirling played at AE? How did I not know about this :(
2013-06-11 12:18:41
Aw I love the National.
2013-06-11 20:37:02
I got there early enough last night that I still got a spot on the rack, but it was almost full. Saw a bunch of bikes locked to street signs around the area. Stage AE really is a world class concert venue - props to them for getting some bike parking.
2013-06-12 06:33:49
Awesome. At this rate, they might need a few more racks.
2013-06-12 07:59:57
Five day turnaround time. Go scott and go Stage AE! Success.
2013-06-12 20:04:18
According to the penn ave reconstruction plans, garfield artworks should have a bike corral nextdoor. I know everyone was very concerned about this venue. EDIT: also, the roboto project will have a corral as well. see Now, how about Mr smalls? I'm there at least once a month and have to use stop signs. Millvale is much easier to get to with the north side trail smoothed out.
2013-06-12 21:33:21
Smalls needs them bad. make a thread, tell everyone to send an email.
2013-06-13 16:57:26
Sent this to them: Hi! I attend concerts at Stage AE and it would be great to be able to securely park my bike there. Would Stage AE consider adding a bike corral at the venue? Myself, along with many other cyclists in the area who love music, would appreciate it. Thanks!
2013-06-28 14:52:55
Ha! That's what I get for not reading the entire thread! They've already done it! Yay!
2013-06-28 15:28:09
They consider the existing flimsy parking temporary. The venue would like to do something really nice but they don't make the final decision.
2013-06-28 16:42:17
i was there last night. i found the racks. i locked up to a pole. they were mostly full toaster racks, and one end (the only parts you can legitimately lock to) of each was against the wall. glad to hear it's temporary.
2013-07-14 15:45:07
What if a venue installs bike racks and starts charging for their use ?
2013-07-14 19:43:03
Here's what stage AE bike parking looked like on Saturday night for Belle and Sebastian. 2 sets of racks: FULL, every pole within a block: 2 bikes locked to it, fence around venue: about 20+ bikes locked it it at various points.
2013-07-15 07:56:38
By the time I left, there were WAY more bikes on that fence.
2013-07-15 07:57:13
BUMP Anyone know what the current status of bike parking at Stage AE is?
2015-05-01 09:42:24
Same as it was. 2 flimsy racks.
2015-05-04 14:19:36