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Lost and found

My keys (house, car, bike locks, a few store cards). There's really nothing identifying per se, the most unique thing would be since I had to make the two U-lock keys distinguishable, there's some red-insulated wire twisted onto one. The route was beacon street from the far western edge of squirrel hill, hobart, panther hollow, blvd, halket, and 5th through downtown to 5th avenue place. If you see, PM me. A public thank you to Yale Cohen for finding my work badge which had ripped out of it's lanyard on the jail trail a couple weeks back. I'm hopeless.
2016-06-16 07:58:02
Will keep a look out for your keys.
2016-06-16 08:10:16
Lost today, Planet Bike back blinky. I think it was this one (Superflash Stealth): It disappeared somewhere between Crafton and Southside. Most likely lost places include the South Side Trail between Station Square and South Side Works.
2016-07-16 17:19:07
9/9/16 FOUND: Did you lose your cable lock off your bike at Shady and Forbes while riding the 64 (your bike was on the rack in front).  Post here with the make of your lock and I'll find a way to make sure it gets back to you.
2016-09-10 21:50:59