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Map of Pgh Cycle Deaths/ Crashes

With the recent death of Susan Hicks due to a crash, I was thinking, is there any map on where bike deaths or major crashes that is published? If not, could one be crowdsourced?
2015-10-26 18:29:16
There is a bike crash map here but I don't think it's up to date. In 2014 Dan Yablonsky gathered a list of all the deaths anyone could remember. They were announced at the Ride of Silence. Here's a thread where the accumulation of the names started: http://localhost/mb/topic/ride-of-silence-wed-may-12th/
2015-10-26 19:48:31
I wonder if it has ever been considered or anyone has tried to overlay or have some sort of interface with the Google Bike Map a color coding or rating system for streets where accidents have occurred, could be self reporting, or linked with public safety reporting, such as used with Might also need to be time sensitive such that as conditions change that may improve the safety, this information is also incorporated into the rating or color coding system. Might be something that any of the mobile cycling apps could incorporate, or standardize on so multiple apps could share this important data. If a rider inputs a route they could be alerted to potential dangers or risks, and given options on alternate routes. Could even include things like storm drains, potholes, etc. Someone smarter than me would have to make this work I can barely figure out how to use Map My Ride, let alone develop such an app or interface!
2015-10-29 07:56:15
Here's a really sobering, really detailed map of traffic fatalities in the US from 2004-2013: You can zoom in on Pittsburgh to get a closer look. The map breaks down the number of people involved and whether they were the driver, passenger, a pedestrian, or a cyclist. Includes overlays for speeding drivers, distracted drivers, and alcohol-related.
2015-11-05 12:27:18
That map is amazing.
2015-11-05 13:25:50
I wish they had a marked street grid overlay on that map. It's pretty hard to navigate just from remembering where streets are.
2015-11-05 13:48:14
I was hoping I could click on each body icon and receive more detailed information- date, cause, legal outcome.
2015-11-05 13:50:21
Very sobering map. Makes my stomach turn.
2015-11-06 10:25:06