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Hats off to Paul Heckbart for his being recognized as a "super-volunteer" by Brian O'Neill in this morning's Post-Gazette.  As a trail steward for the riverfront trails (coordinated by Friends of the Riverfront), Paul and his fellow trail stewards were being thanked for their countless hours of trail clean up (and the resulting (relatively) trash free trails that line our rivers in the County.) As most of you know, Paul also dedicates countless hours to related passions, such as his work with the Steel Heritage Trail, and general "bikeability" in the region. Brian O'Neill was right in thanking these volunteers for their time and energy. I am sorry that he beat me to it.  Thanks, Paul, for all you do.
2017-03-13 12:33:43
2017-03-13 12:44:47
Indeed, Paul Heckbert is one of the people who make this city work for its citizens. We are fortunate that he's a cyclist. Link to the article.
2017-03-13 14:36:23
Awww, shucks. For Three Rivers Heritage Trail cleanups, as mentioned in the article, we should also thank Jeff McCauley, Joe McLaughlin, Donna and Jerry Green, Vince Dish, Art Fleming, Carolyn Laquatra, David Malehorn, Jim Martin, Jacob Schmidlapp, and the late Marty O'Malley. Now get out there and clean up a trail! "Bad" weather is no excuse.
2017-03-14 12:35:24
Thanks for making the world a better place, and keep up the good work.
2017-03-14 13:38:20