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Microcars of Amsterdam - cute!
2021-11-14 12:03:14
Mildly interesting. I was particularly struck by the comment about bicycles being an “other” urban vehicle but not commonly used because “dangers caused by cars make them infeasible for most people.” I don’t see myself as huge risk taker- I have a large respect for gravity, try to keep myself healthy in a variety of ways, and regularly cycle on shared roadways. So bikes are not dangerous, but cars are so much of a danger to everything else in a city (bikes, other cars, pedestrian, buildings) that everything and everyone else needs to recognize and be very aware of their presence.  I often think that riding in traffic is like running in a herd of large potentially dangerous animals (Buffalo?) - the danger level is actually not very high as long as everyone cooperates and gives each other space.
2021-11-15 11:47:21
Most travel in the cities could be better accomplished with small cars with a low top speed with no real loss of convenience.   No reason to have personal vehicles that are 2 tons  and have a 100 mph top speed to get from, say., Lawrenceville to the south side.   Golf carts are about right, I think.    
2021-11-18 23:42:02