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Missed Connections - on bikes!

Don't judge. I thought this would be neat, several other people agreed, so I'm starting a missed connections thread. I don't know if it will get creepy, given that everyone is connected to a username, but it could be interesting. I'm a chatty person, I talk to tons of people I never see again who probably live nearby and may be interested in a recreational ride when we aren't racing home from work. I got the idea today in offering to help two women with a flat tire - and a guy nearby grabbed a pump and pumped it for them. Strangers interacting everyday. Let's be less strange! Let's ride bikes! (K, done with the corny stuff, let's see how this goes)
2013-09-25 19:00:17
Sunday I Saw PBeaves riding thru oakland. I was gonig to scream out a greeting but I was in a car and felt ashamed. so I didn't.
2013-09-25 19:17:55
I aim to be more strange. :) But yes, we must band together and all know each other!
2013-09-25 19:26:12
Saw you on Bikefest Flockride. I was on a bike you were in an SUV. Still I was drawn to you when you waved us thru the intersections. God I wished I had some Bubbles.
2013-09-25 19:47:14
me: riding thru oakland on sunday, you: riding in a car. I had the feeling you wanted to yell something, but were feeling shy. maybe next time.
2013-09-25 22:27:51
creepy thread... creepy!!! Probably just the avatarless part...
2013-09-25 23:36:33
You were riding a Trek FX, in spandex and a beautiful smile. I couldn't help but stare at you as your rode down the jail trail your hair down to your shoulders. You looked at me smiled and blew me a kiss. I think I'm in love. Are you free Friday around 6PM?
2013-09-26 03:45:33
mr marvelous wrote:You were riding a Trek FX, in spandex and a beautiful smile. I couldn’t help but stare at you as your rode down the jail trail your hair down to your shoulders. You looked at me smiled and blew me a kiss. I think I’m in love. Are you free Friday around 6PM?
You better be on my bath time ride after this rendezvous...
2013-09-26 07:24:40
@kitaira, sorry i won't be able to join your ride. Hopefully when Mrs. marvelous reads this post then I'll be on the VP ride.
2013-09-26 08:51:30
mr marvelous wrote:@kitaira, sorry i won’t be able to join your ride. Hopefully when Mrs. marvelous reads this post then I’ll be on the VP ride.
Good luck! (I'm laughing)
2013-09-26 09:06:44
mr marvelous wrote:You were riding a Trek FX...
There he goes, talking about Star Trek again...
2013-09-26 10:25:38
@mr marvelous, 6PM Friday is a go. You looked so handsome in your spandex. It would be nice to have an All-City bike and not a Trek FX for our date. Some people have 2 All-City bikes.
2013-09-26 18:51:42
i think bike missed connections is a fun, if doomed, idea. just yesterday, i briefly considered how nice it would be to tell someone who biked past with bar end shifters over cork grips that he's not the only one who appreciates such a setup (i thought i was the only one). but i certainly couldn't be bothered to create a craigslist post (or probably even a bike-pgh post, this one notwithstanding?) about it.
2013-09-26 23:11:50
I wonder how long until someone I say, "Good morning!" to each morning on my way into work will ask who I am. So here is my missed connection: I say hi to everyone I encounter on my way to work on a bike. so far I think only a couple people say hello or nod back. I know it's early folks, but c'mon! Don't be shy! Say hello!
2013-09-30 14:18:55
J.Str. wrote:I say hi to everyone I encounter on my way to work on a bike.
I tend to greet people I pass on the bike. A decade ago, it was always welcome. The last couple years, a few people have looked at me a little oddly. I suspect some think I'm a new bike convert. Living in Oakland, there are young women on bikes that I greet- and in the last year or so, the reaction of some of them indicates the attention is as unwelcome as any stranger saying "hi" to them on the street. I figure this is inevitable if bikes are becoming mainsteam.
2013-09-30 17:36:19
Drewbacca wrote:creepy thread… creepy!!! Probably just the avatarless part…
Some of us can't figure out how to add an avatar. We're just dumb, not creepy :(
2013-10-01 06:32:16
MichaelCycle wrote:
Drewbacca wrote:creepy thread… creepy!!! Probably just the avatarless part…
Some of us can’t figure out how to add an avatar. We’re just dumb, not creepy :(
I don't think anyone is creepy... I was just giving kitaira crap b/c she asked elsewhere if starting a thread such as this was creepy.
2013-10-01 10:47:46
Thanks sew, just set up a gravatar.
2013-10-02 11:47:56
You: Ed and Sue You approached as I was fixing my mirror down by Western Penitentiary and asked if I was 'the Blogger known as Shank', who apparently has a Pirates 'P' on her helmet too. I was so intrigued by the shank/jail irony that neglected to introduce myself. How embarrassing. I'm sure I'll run into you two again and I won't forget my manners next time. Thanks for the delightful conversation.
2013-10-22 20:43:35
Very cool write-up V. I wouldn't worry too much about those things you refer to as faux pas. It is the things I haven't said, guesses I haven't made, and things I haven't done that creak and whisper in the back of my mind. It's better to live with the squirmy memories of the human fumbles, and make human contact, than to go through life not doing things for fear of looking foolish. Most times now I just say whatever. :D
2013-10-23 08:05:02
Living in the virtual world. :) This is a story about three board members met each other on a trail without knowing it...
2013-10-23 08:05:07
+1 Kitaira for the thread !
2013-10-23 08:21:38
Man, I've seen buffalobuffalo about fifteen or 20 times in person and actually went on a ride with him and Stu about a year ago, but didn't recognize him, and only just recently made the connection
2013-10-23 14:47:09
I could jump into this game, too, I suppose. A couple weekends ago, the day before the 3-2-1 Ride, I came down through the North Side, where I saw two young women on bikes sitting on the sidewalk, working on one of the bikes. Rear wheel was off. I stopped to inquire if they needed assistance. They did. The one whose bike was apart was outfitted in full zombie attire -- face paint, body paint, torn clothing, and the most striking feature was a zipper glued to her upper left arm that looked amazingly real. I sat with the pair for several minutes, trying to help them get the bike back in working order. The derailleur was off and had a sheared bolt. Two other cyclists came by, one of whom was a bike mechanic, but lack of spare parts made it difficult to get much done. Anyway, the one other young lass took off -- they weren't together, apparently -- as did the other two cyclists, though we did get some help from a worker in a nearby restaurant, who procured the necessary bolt and a wrench from somewhere. He and I managed to help her get the derailleur back in place and working, and after probably 25 minutes, she was back on the road. So, Miss Zombie, I hope you made it to your destination, and many thanks to all others involved. Let's have a beer sometime.
2013-10-24 00:47:29
Vannevar wrote:You: RustyRed Re: The great density which drove me to make the same ill-mannered, dysfunctional faux-pas not once but twice on the same ride, as described here: You were so very gracious to a foolish, oversized stranger that approached you outside of the prison and asked, “are you Shank?”
I still can't get over this wonderful, ironic coincidence. I wonder how many other board members I've passed and not known. I recall a few weeks ago, I overheard two cyclists coming towards me on a trail and it seemed they were in the process of introductions as I heard one say "Nice to meet you, my name's Yale." ( sarcasm) Gee, I wonder who that was? ( / sarcasm)
2013-10-26 18:40:05
I was riding my bike to my next gig, and I guess I had that dumb puzzled look on my face because you stopped and explained things to me, even if I couldn't pronounce all the words ahhh I was never any good at witty repartee and then, just like that, you were gone, leaving behind nothing but a hole where my hashtag-heart should be
2013-11-18 10:55:07