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Montour Trail

The Southeast part of the Montour Trail needs improvement badly.I rode ,(for the first time in late summer),starting from the section of Clairton into Large,Pa. Once I got into Large I was totally lost!!! Fortunately a couple other bikers, 10 minutes later, showed me the route.Had no idea where the traffic light was to cross route 51, and no signs on the streets to take you into Bethel Park.Hopefully there will be more improvements in this part of the trail.
2018-12-11 01:24:32
Contact the Montour Trail Council.  I'm sure they're always looking for feedback (and for people to help improve/upkeep the trail).
2018-12-11 08:39:37
If you are heading from Library to Clairton, Turn right onto Rt. 51.The light will remain red on Rt. 51 long enough to get to the next light where you can turn left via a turning lane.
2018-12-11 17:47:18
I think the Montour Trail newsletter mentioned once that they were really constrained as far as putting trail signage on certain major roads (as in, PennDOT has to approve all signs, but it usually won't, since they might "confuse" motorists). The description of this particular detour route on their website's detours page says "In this section, the MTC does not yet own trail right-of-way." That "yet" is a bit encouraging.
2018-12-15 06:33:41