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Montour Trail - Library Trestle Construction Photos

Looks like another bike bridge (and a quarter mile or so of new rail trail) will be open this spring. This will end right next to the T station in Library! So it makes it easy to bike from downtown to the country / suburbs. *Also, this is very much still a construction site so don't expect to show up next week and bike across the bridge. These are the photos I took on Jan 1st  photo DSC08025_zps916f48aa.jpg  photo DSC08021_zpsb72c12f6.jpg  photo DSC08014_zpsf67d340b.jpg  photo DSC08017_zpsb95e4a14.jpg  photo DSC08022_zps9e1d6764.jpg  photo DSC08025_zps916f48aa.jpg
2015-01-20 19:53:51
Thanks for posting the photos. Looks good! The last Montour newsletter mentioned that the company hired to rehab the bridge was supposed to finish by April. I expect they'll use volunteers after that's done to put down a riding surface on the new trail segments on each side of the bridge, build the bridge approaches, install fencing and signs, and all that stuff. So "spring" might be a bit optimistic for the grand opening. There's also a new bridge under construction over Valley Brook Road (near where the trail goes under Route 19) that's supposed to be done around July. Once it's open, that area will finally have one continuous trail.
2015-01-21 00:27:23
So awesome. Thanks for the photos!
2015-01-21 08:10:13
I have a "before" picture somewhere.
2015-01-21 11:16:14
I havent been out that way much. Will the trail connect to the T parking lot directly, or is it just going to be close? Getting off the T and onto the trail without going on the road would be awesome.
2015-01-21 11:25:51
You'll exit the T parking lot onto Pleasant Street, and the new trail section will be about 400 feet north of that, on the opposite side of Pleasant Street. Last year the Montour folks got permission from Consol to build the next trail segment east of this one (still being designed, I think). That one will run from Pleasant Street behind the T station, though some Consol property, and as far as Wood Street. I think there will still be a short on-road section needed between Wood and Stewart Road, where the trail starts up again.
2015-01-21 12:07:58
Update! The Library bridge is "unofficially" open. I walked across it today and there were no signs or fence in the way. The trail to and from still needs surfaced. I am sure it will be done 100% within a month or two.
2015-04-06 19:19:31