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Moped Parking

Hi! I did a quick search of old threads and didn't see anything that addresses this question -- hoping someone with moped experience can answer! I recently got rid of my car (though we still have my partner's) and am considering buying a moped to have as an alternative to my bicycle/bus for certain errands and occasionally riding to work from the east end to downtown. Can anyone tell me how you park these? An actual moped, with pedals, meeting the definition of "motorized pedalcycle" under PA law -- not an e-bike or a Vespa. I think they need to be locked up, right? Is it ok to use sidewalk bike racks? Thanks!
2015-07-02 10:20:23
Title 75 section 3353 says a vehicle can't park on the sidewalk unless it's a pedalcycle. A motorized pedalcycle (aka moped) isn't defined as a type of pedalcycle (aka bicycle), but as a type of motor-driven cycle (meaning a motorcycle of limited horsepower). So I think you can't legally park a moped on the sidewalk in PA. I guess on the street you're supposed to use its built-in lock, like a motorcycle, but I don't know if that's good enough.
2015-07-02 12:08:58
Consider yourself a motorcycle, and join the throng parking under the Crosstown Bridge on Fifth Ave every day. Mopeds being a bit smaller, try to stick to the narrower upstream end, so those of us with full-size motos can fit as best as we can. It helps to get there early, particularly when the weather is nice. At best, it can only hold about 50 bikes, and if you need to get out early, you're kinda screwed. Parking is free, with the several provisos to work around, above. Motorcycles are a bit outside the scope of this board, but I can fully justify having a thread about this topic. My own bike has been off the road all year, but I'm getting it back in service over the weekend, which will only further add to the contention under the bridge. I would dearly like to oust the 15 car parking spaces along Fifth right here so we can put about 60 motorcycles, even if we have to pay for on-street space.
2015-07-02 13:39:38