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Multi-modal commuting - now with kayaks!

Minneapolis just went live with kayak share. I can imagine if we brought that idea here, with HealthyRide, you could potentially have the most awesome commute, ever. Say, if you used HealthyRide to get to South Side Works, then got some type of paddle share/kayak share to get to Downtown.  
2016-09-14 21:54:28
If you have CEO-level salaries, you could also get a Montague Paratrooper Pro foldable bike (US$995) and a ONAK foldable canoe (US$1442), and you could put both in your office when you get there. Note: it seems that it's possible to drag the folded ONAK canoe behind when riding a bike since it has two wheels for transportation. And it's likely that a folded Montague Paratrooper bike can be put in the canoe.  
2016-09-14 23:33:04
havw fun kayaking in the frozen Minnesota waters.
2016-09-15 06:15:20
A few years ago there was a story in the paper about a guy who kayaked from Millvale to the Strip to work.  So I thought that maybe I could commute from the east.  Thankfully, I did a test run on a Saturday.  I dropped in at the public launch in Braddock...2 hours later I made it to Hays eagles' nest.  That changed my mind in a big way :-)
2016-09-15 09:55:32
If Mpls can do it, I'd be surprised if we couldn't do it, with the temperate climes here. @durishange I wonder how long it would take from South Side to Downtown, of course, it wouldn't be about time, it would be about the pure delicious awesome of kayaking/riding.
2016-09-15 14:46:31
Kayaking is fun but really slow in rivers with locks & dams.  In my experience it is tough to paddle more than 3-4 miles per hour around here, even downstream.  A minor headwind can crush your pace.  Still faster than a car on these Liberty Bridge closure detours, but bikes are much more efficient. It would be awesome to go for a paddle without necessarily having to return the kayak to where you started, like from Southside Works to Point State Park, or Lawrenceville to the Northside for a bucco game.  I would imagine that downstream trips would be way more popular, though, so there would be lots of kayak shutting necessary to get them back upstream (or maybe cheaper/free upstream trips).
2016-09-15 16:24:35