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Multiple stolen bikes from Lawrenceville apt garage

Hello Bike PGH community! I wanted to report that we had multiple bikes stolen from our apartment garage. It was like Friday the 24th or early sat the 25th, but it's possible it could have happened up to a few days prior and we just didn't notice. I'm posting because one of the bikes was my husbands and I would appreciate any help in locating it.  Also I'm new to the forum and I can't tell if the picture attaché of the bike but it is a navy blue nishiki with red and white accents. It's an Anasazi model and it basically brand new- he's ridden it 3 times.. thanks in advance guys. I'll try to post pic if my first attempt failed
2018-08-25 21:10:31

Read the thread about the NORCO bikes...Zone 4 police in Sq. hill tracking a known bike thief, have recovered some bikes....

As for posting photos here, it can be done, but not easily, in my opinion.
2018-08-26 00:59:49
Post photo elsewhere, link the photo here. Get the URL, starting with http, ending in .jpg Then (replacing square brackets with angle brackets) type [img src=“place-your-URL-here”]
2018-08-27 04:30:13
“place-your-URL-here” />   wow i suck at this lol.
2018-08-27 10:07:46
2018-08-27 11:06:46
it won't work because you need to log into facebook to get access to the picture. You need to use a service like flickr. This setup isn't userfriendly at all for pictures on this message board. Also, we used to have a stolen bikes thread pinned to the top of the message board so everyone would post in that one thread instead of the many threads we have now, unfortunately...
2018-08-27 12:09:40