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New (?) Camera

Is this a new camera at the traditional lower Schenley railroad crossing?  I only noticed it because of the note in a plastic sleeve on the ground that said “camera on post.”  Unless it’s wide angle, it points at the tracks about 20 yards south of where one might cross is so inclined.
2019-10-14 19:33:57
That camera has been there for a year or more, I think.
2019-10-14 20:09:37
Can you cross the tracks there anymore?  That whole thing makes me sick.  That hardly used RR track and slow train, yet we can't access Schenley Park from the trail there.
2019-10-15 10:24:23
A fence was put up a year or so ago.  It was possible to lift bike over or just walk around (it was a short in both height and length fence).  Currently the middle section of the fence has been cut and removed.
2019-10-15 11:36:50
Glad the fence was cut.  That whole thing is ridiculous.  It isn't like it is some busy fast moving train that runs there, but what can you do.  If they want to f us over they can.  On the flip side I will never understand how anyone unless they are on drugs or committing suicide could be hit by a train, but they are often. Thanks for the update.
2019-10-17 11:31:07
It would be a shame if a bird or someone with a drone accidentally picked up an old towel or something and draped it over that camera. I’m always finding bits of unsorted glass in my yard which birds drop, so these things can happen.
2019-10-23 07:23:55
Mud.  Flung.
2019-10-23 07:49:43