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New guy

Hello, New to the area and biking. Looking for general beginner tips in the way of communting to and from work. I've read here the Hazelwood trail is closed. I live over here and work on the south shore, what's the safest route? What are some good beginner "off road" trails. Places to find people to bike with? Thanks in advance all.
2017-05-18 20:02:07
By south shore do you mean the Southside, which is generally off of Carson from the hot metal bridge to station square?   Make sure to join bike Pittsburgh. Yearly memberships are quite inexpensive. There's also the flock ride tomorrow. Scroll down a few topics to find it.
2017-05-18 20:52:32

Correct, the south side. Will do, this has been a useful resource.

2017-05-18 21:05:40
Trails all over next to the river. You can go from station square to Washington DC on the trail along that side of the river.  That's your best bet for beginning riding. Thick bikes and REI sell bikes on the Southside if you need a decent starter bike.  
2017-05-18 21:50:30
Tell us approximately where you need to commute from and to (what part of Hazelwood, what part of Southside, or whatever) and we could give some suggestions.
2017-05-19 09:25:27
Rather late notice, but tonight is the 412 Flock ride, an easygoing group ride geared toward people new to cycling and/or the city. You can't find a more welcoming crowd to hang with. Website: Facebook event:
2017-05-19 15:49:24