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New gym locks orange bikes up to trees and bike racks. Please let this gym know that their campaign is unwanted here. They're taking up bike parking, they are locking up to trees. Seriously. They have pissed off every cycling community where they open gyms when they do this. They waste bikes that could be donated to people who need them. It seems almost offensive when you consider that ghost bikes are trying to send out a real message, not advertise for a gym. They have some standard response that they have used over and over again when people complain.
2015-02-11 20:09:47
If they had donated $200 bikes to needy kids in the area they're opening their new gym (5800-ish Penn Ave) they'd have done a lot more good for themselves. Everything @StefB said ^^ is spot on.
2015-02-11 20:14:53
I came to the forum tonight to ask about these. That is rather disappointing.
2015-02-11 22:18:56
Please post locations of the bikes so we can include that info for 311 calls. There's one near the intersection of Shady Ave and Forbes Ave, it's in the bike corral in front of Independent Brewing.
2015-02-11 22:29:22
I haven't seen one yet, but clearly they could care less about those of us that cycle around Pittsburgh and need to find a place to lock our bikes. Really a strange idea, not to mention DUMB!
2015-02-12 00:02:35
If it gets them noticed, that might be worth more to them than any cyclists they alienate. Maybe they'll even get a parade of people holding signs with their name on it, leading people right to their doorstep, with news cameras covering it all. We might see a protest march, but they'll see only free publicity. It may be obnoxious and heartless, but that doesn't mean it won't be effective.
2015-02-12 02:59:55
From their fb page today. Orangetheory Fitness Pittsburgh- East End1 hr · Edited · .Orangetheory Fitness is aware of the long-standing ghost bike campaign and apologizes for any confusion our nationwide orange bike program has caused. Our campaign is one that is used across the U.S. to celebrate new openings and build awareness of local business owners' new studios. Out of respect for anyone this may have offended our orange bikes will be removed today. Thank you
2015-02-12 08:00:53
I saw a couple of those ugly orange bikes shittily locked to the racks on Walnut in Shadyside last Saturday. I wondered why they were there, but I just assumed someone was making a statement about kids getting hurt. If that were the case, I would've minded the bikes being in my way less. Knowing that it's just a shitty advertising campaign for a shitty gym just makes me want to post a lot of shitty reviews for their business online and maybe complain to the BBB. It boggles my mind how absolutely clueless some people can be. I hope this stupid gym goes bankrupt.
2015-02-12 08:23:47
Huh - thanks, I wondered what the hell the orange bike was for on Penn Ave in the old Penn Circle shopping district. I agree it was poorly thought out and borderline offensive.
2015-02-12 09:04:15
Okay, they admitted they made a mistake and are removing the bikes. I don't feel people can or will be perfect, so I think we can say good job for hearing the complaints and good job on fixing this problem so fast. I don't think I will hold it against them. No one is perfect. Nice work to those that complained.
2015-02-12 09:28:28
2015-02-12 09:55:50
Yeah they have a standard response that seems to be a cut and paste deal.
2015-02-12 10:28:22
History is an education. Thanks. No longer forgiven. Just selfish jerks using bike racks for their own selfish reason. I should have known better!
2015-02-12 12:11:11
From looking at their website, their gym is as ugly as the bikes.
2015-02-12 12:33:42
The local owners/investors are Jim Rosenbloom and Chris Labishak.
2015-02-12 13:30:28
They are the owners of Club One, the hideously ugly gym on Penn at Shady, behind Trader Joe's: Note that when Urban Active was proposed for Bakery Square, Labishak was less than thrilled: "It'd be silly to say that I'm not concerned," said Labishak, who is also general manager of Club 1. "It doesn't excite me, and it doesn't excite me that a TIF would be supporting the project." ( "I can't imagine there's that many people around who would be that interested in exercise," he said. "I wish there were." (
2015-02-12 15:34:19
Whoa. All kinds of wrong there. Lobbying against competition and "coding" the demographics of the neighborhood. This just gets worse.
2015-02-13 10:14:25
Note that that was 2007. Wonder what's changed since then (I bet it's not them).
2015-02-13 10:21:25
LOLZ if they can get me burn 1000 calories an hour, they are magicians.
2015-02-13 22:21:16
I found another one of these stupid things Downtown last night, leaned up against the wall outside Wood Street Station, and reported it to 311. Got this response this morning:
Company has been notified to remove bike(s) from Wood St & Citywide or bikes will be removed by City crews permanently.
2015-02-20 10:29:38
Found this: § 423.03 Signs prohibited. [Ord. 4-1998, eff. 3-16-98] Unless a permit has been issued and is valid in accordance with the provisions elsewhere in this Code, all signs are prohibited from: (a) The area within the right-of-way lines of all public streets, sidewalks, boulevards, highways, avenues, alleys, roads, or other public ways (the area within the right-of-way lines includes unpaved areas); and (b) Any utility poles or structures within the right-of-way lines. . . . § 423.05 Public nuisance. [Ord. 4-1998, eff. 3-16-98] Any sign posted in violation of this Chapter is hereby declared to be a nuisance. In addition to any other remedy provided by this Chapter, the City may apply to a court of competent jurisdiction for an injunction to prohibit the continuation of any violation,sign%20posted,signs,sign
2015-02-20 11:40:21
Perhaps I should 311 the stupid pizza sign attached to bike racks by the Frick Park tennis courts
2015-02-20 18:47:13
Where did I read that the Pittsburgh collection of orange bikes were scrapped and dumped in/by the river? Did I dream that?
2015-04-17 11:14:22
that was not a dream. it happened. the internet told me so.
2015-04-20 08:34:34