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New rant: point state park run-in

I was enjoying the cool temps on my commute in today when I nearly got run over in the park. I usually come across the little bridge from the direction of commonwealth place toward the north side via the fort Duquesne pedestrian bridge. I always use caution and slow because I never know if there are runners and whatnot. So I make the right to start to head over the pedestrian bridge when I see one of those small maintenance carts being driven down the pedestrian ramp in my direction. I am wearing my 800 lumen head lamp and I proceed with caution. The driver actually switches from the correct side to my side of the ramp and comes directly at me, causing me to ride into the landscaping and stop to avoid a collision. There were no other trail users and the guy had to have seen me. He stopped and did a circle in the flat area after he went by and I turned around and profanity spewed from my mouth. Good morning. Thanks, asshole. Now I have to worry about this shit in the park, too? End rant.
2014-08-15 05:07:37
No matter what humans are going to feel empowered by their over-glorified rascals. No matter where they can take them.
2014-08-15 08:48:47
What was his point? That your headlight was too bright? That you should be out in the street, not the park? That you shouldn't be in the park?
2014-08-15 08:52:40
Whatever his problem was, he has very little recourse if you contact his supervisor and make a clear, well-argued complaint. I can totally understand not wanting to bother, or being so upset as to not get the ID information needed. But, unlike a random driver on the street, you can contact somebody in control of a significant part of his life, and get a response.
2014-08-15 08:56:09
Please contact the park office at 412-565-2850 to speak with a park staff member about this incident. Please reference this site/post so that your call can be routed properly. We consider public safety a very serious issue and would like to ensure this is remedied for future park users. Sincerely, Point State Park Staff
2014-08-21 09:25:20
it is awesome to see the PSP folks on here.
2014-08-21 10:16:40