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New recumbent

Just got my new LWB from Bacchetta, today. Now I have to wait for some decent is spring, right?
2016-04-05 11:47:34
You can get studded tires in funny sizes, I promise. :-) What did you get, a Bella?
2016-04-05 14:30:30
Yes, the Bella. That is one awesome bike. First time riding one. Had it delivered yesterday. Just riding it around my garage..I was laughing like a little kid, so damn fun. Also, my regular rear rack seems to fit nicely, just have to figure out how to attach it to seat? I imagine there are parts /clamps I could use. Do you have a Bella? It would be nice to get some wider tires, especially the rear, not sure what options are available. I thought I could find the inner tubes at Performance Bikes, but they do not have the ones for the 20' front tire. I just ordered them from Bacchetta, until I can find local resources.
2016-04-06 07:23:44
Thick Bikes has tubes in all sizes...that's the best place I know of in town for less-common stuff like 20" or 24". As far as rack attachment goes: plastic-coated electrical P-clamps from the hardware store are often the way to go, in order to add attachment points to the seat stays. Depends on exactly what rack you're trying to use, of course...on 'bents, fender and rack installation often involves a bit of creativity. I don't have a Bella...always wanted to try one, though. I've got a Lightning P-38 and a modified Bacchetta Giro (running on dual-24" wheels), as well as a whole host of 'bent bikes and trikes in the demo-and/or-sale garage. Feel free to PM me if you've got any recumbent questions...I've been riding 'em for years. and will hopefully be opening up a shop next February.
2016-04-06 07:31:53
Thanks so much. I tell you what, I cannot see myself going back to a df ever ever again. I feel reborn!
2016-04-06 07:53:53
DFs are great for compatibility with existing infrastructure (bike racks being a big example); they're also a really good form of cross-training, as 'bents use the muscular groups significantly differently. I like both, YMMV. Ride what you like, like what you ride, etc...
2016-04-06 14:48:23
Dan, I like the idea of you opening your own shop, BTW. Cool.
2016-04-06 15:06:22
Thanks, Jon. I'll be specializing in recumbents and adaptive reason to compete in the traditional bike market, when there are already so many shops. I may well have a small corner of gear devoted to touring, rando, and ultracycling nutters :-)
2016-04-06 15:12:38
Dan. I'll second Jon's comment, and will add that I have learned quite a lot about cycling from you over the years even if it was only by osmosis. You are a wealth of knowledge and your enthusiasm is infectious - I think you would do well. Might I also suggest that in addition to the rando corner you should offer beard grooming products, you know a one-stop-shop of sorts.
2016-04-06 17:11:21
"Grooming?" You obviously don't know my market. ;-) There will be a spring fashion show, though; the 2017 edition will address the burning question "Socks with SPD knee-high too high, or just high enough?"
2016-04-07 08:44:49
Well, as far as my reasons for going on bent, too many aches and pains from riding on df bikes. This Bella is just like sitting in a recliner. From how much I have ridden on it, I would say that I could probably go 50 or 60 miles without wearing myself out. On a df, I could painfully push myself for 20 miles, and be moaning and groaning, and quite sore. I am eager to take it out for a long GAP trail ride very soon, just to see how many miles I can put on it in a day. So, anyone want to buy a two year old Fuji Traverse (mens), I believe 16 or 17 inch frame?
2016-04-07 08:47:47
@look_out: Sounds good. I did my first century that way...headed out on the GAP, turned around at mile 50. One suggestion: if you haven't already, look into clipless pedals or PowerStraps or something. Flat platforms work fine for the short term, but, on a 'bent, gravity is pulling your feet down and off the pedals, so some means of fastening your feet to the pedals makes a big difference in long term comfort (and, to a lesser extent, in hill climbing)
2016-04-07 09:27:39