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Damn. NZ doesn't mess around.
2014-01-08 11:54:07
Wow! Awesome ad, I wish they would recreate it for the US.
2014-01-08 17:27:33
I wish they would enforce the speeding laws.
2014-01-08 17:36:35
Definitely in your face messaging, but I wonder how effective ads like this really are. I mean, will people see this, identify with either character and then slow down? I doubt it. OTOH it might start a conversation around a dinner table or an office water cooler which might help change behavior. Besides, we’ll never see something that graphic on tv in the states – unless it’s part of the show (not the commercial). Side note: the same thing is true of US tv news. Watch overseas news sometime after a terrorist bombing or war bombing. Not that I always want to see blood etc., but sometimes not showing it is a disservice to what happened.
2014-01-08 18:32:57
I wonder if the creators of the ad were in cahoots with former Pittsburgher Dr. Hank Weiss, the subject of this thread from two years ago, advocating getting teens to stop driving.
2014-01-08 19:59:28