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Next Sat 11/19 - Pgh Punk History Scavenger Hunt / Roboto 17th Anniversary

As part of Roboto's 17th anniversary activities we are sponsoring a scavenger hunt celebrating Roboto's history and the history of Pittsburgh's punk and DIY scenes. Instead of a traditional scavenger hunt where you go collect "things" and bring all the junk back with you, most of the challenges for this hunt will involve you finding locations or things and then taking a selfie to prove that you were there or found the item, so you'll need a smartphone or digital camera to collect your proof. This was conceived as a bike-based scavenger hunt but if you want to do it by auto, we're cool with that too. You'll get extra points for doing it by bike. Some examples of things you might have to do for the hunt include visiting the location of no longer existing venues or finding people who have specific band t-shirts, specific records or zines. There will be prizes - big bass backpack from Jake Kilburg, Spak gift certificates, Roboto swag, other stuff we're still hammering out. Come early and have brunch at Roboto or stay after the hunt for the night's punk show featuring Het Ward, Ivy Bells, T-Tops, Fake Limbs, Roulette Waves and Submachine. More info on the rest of the activities here. Meet at Roboto - 5106 Penn Ave a little before 2pm.  Clue sheets will be handed out promptly at 2pm and you'll have until 5pm to collect as many points as possible. Facebook event for the Scavenger Hunt here.
2016-11-12 09:59:42
Cancelled/postponed due to saturday's weather looking pretty awful.  Think we'll try this again in the spring.
2016-11-17 16:43:09