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Northside bike lanes

The parking-protected bike lane on E. Ohio St (announced at http://localhost/2016/10/19/new-east-ohio-street-bike-lanes-open-business/) appears to be confusing people. Do drivers think crosshatching means parking spot? Are they unaware that a parked car shouldn't impinge on a bike lane? Do they not care? Here are two pictures from yesterday. East Ohio St, looking west away from Chestnut. From right to left, note bike lane, parking lane beyond the two cars (unused), then travel lanes. Two cars parked on the crosshatch before the parking lane, as if they don't understand it. (click for uncropped picture) View of the same mis-parked cars, looking toward Chestnut. From left to right: bike lane, parking lane, travel lanes. (click for uncropped picture)  
2017-08-15 01:22:25
They aren't confused, they just don't care.  Same one or two cars, same places, everyday.  To their "credit", they rarely end up in the actual bike lane.
2017-08-15 07:26:54
My guess is that the police don't care either if there are always cars parked there. That's a busy stretch that I'm sure police pass many times a day. Also, my guess is that their famous Councilperson doesn't care either.  
2017-08-15 08:57:34
The day and hour of my encounter with said famous councilperson, I was on my way to inspect that new lane, which had just opened, possibly that day (May 4, 2016). What I encountered when I got there was a couple of carsful of people waiting for traffic to start moving. I had to tell them that they were in a parking lane, so they might be sitting there a while. I don't go that way that often, so I do not know if this still happens with any frequency.
2017-08-15 09:26:02
We should start leaving notes on their windshields, if they're parked improperly. The paint marking could have been done better. They could have painted "P" in the parking lane, and they could have put down a bicycle icons at the beginning of the bike lane. The "Parking Lane" sign is very high in the sky. Many people won't see it.
2017-08-15 10:08:36
I do not think the buffer zone there appears to be 3 feet wide. That is essentially a P-DZBL (Passenger Door Zone Bike Lane).
2017-08-17 17:26:14
Yeah, I think paint indicating [parking lane] would be helpful in these parking protected bike lanes, same with schenley park by phipps.
2017-08-18 09:36:55
Yellow striping is always interpreted as "no parking." Would be an easy fix.   Someone tell Darlene Harris to get on it.   No, seriously, who is there to tell to fix it?
2017-08-18 12:29:52
No, seriously, who is there to tell to fix it?
PennDOT.  This is a state road. (Though, you could 311 it; it's possible the City would take a ticket for lane markings updates.  But I'm pretty sure it has to go up to PennDOT. If you get a chance to send PennDOT your message by email, I'd copy Kristin Saunders at City Planning anyway.)
2017-08-25 11:16:15