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Odd City Paving Style?

Just a wondering I had recently, not 100% bike related so please forgive me. I noticed that the city has been half-paving (Friendship Avenue) and only paving the travel lanes (Penn Avenue) in some places. I'm not sure if they're doing this to save money, not pave parking spaces which don't need to be paved, or trying to not overlap with utility paving. Does anyone have any ideas?  
2018-06-02 15:44:31
Ask your council-person to find out. It's their job. Speaking of such, pothole filling around here really sucks. Crews come by and dump some hot/cold mix into a hole, and maybe pat it down with a shovel. They then expect cars to tamp in the patch. Meanwhile, cyclists ride by and end up with tires studded with tar/sharp-stone gunk. I've had to stop and clean my tires off after venturing through a 'patch' patch (yes, avoiding the patches themselves; the work is really messy). This is wrong. We have organization(s), and even a city employee(!), supposedly looking after our interests. Okay, it's not as news-a-genic as the usually publicized feel-good stuff. (I mean, tar? Yuck). But it matters a lot to those of us, everyday, on the street.
2018-06-02 20:07:38