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OT- Where does poop go 9/21/13

For those looking for a bike friendly destination this weekend, Alcosan is having their annual open house. Located just two easy blocks from the downstream end of the north side trail - see where all that goodness goes after pressing the flush handle. I went to this last year and it's really a neat tour of the plant with additional environmental booths and games geared toward the grade school crowd. There was plenty of opportunity to talk to wast-water professionals too. link:
2013-09-16 19:10:31
I've been on the tour twice, and I'd go again! We all have to go again, right? ;-) What I remember: Free food, stuff to do, and the chance to talk face to face with people who actually know what makes things work. Find your house on a map and see what actually happens to make your goodness get from there to here. Understand the problem with Combined Sewer Overflows, and why we need to spend a couple billion more dollars to fix it. Too much to list, which is why I had to go see it again. Also, definitely ride there. Car parking is not so much difficult as complicated. You have to park some distance away and ride a shuttle van. By bike, you can park much closer and just walk in. I'm going to miss this, as I'll be ahtatahn all weekend.
2013-09-17 06:29:42