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Oxford Development & GAP

Oxford enters luxury-apartments market in Pittsburgh; 1st project: bicycle-friendly Hot Metal Flats Read more: I like it that the developers are trying to tie biking into their marketing campaign, but them apartments dont come cheap. Although if you can move here and give up your car it might be cheaper than living with less rent and paying for car/fuel/insurance. (Pssst, I wonder how secure the bike wash stations will be?)
2014-03-14 11:53:40
I don't think you can to justify those kind of rents based on saving on car use. It's the lifestyle (which is primarily downtown proximity and lots of nice looking new stuff in immediate surrounds) you're buying into. The bike friendliness is a nice plus and a good marketing angle but it wouldn't have nearly so large an effect if it weren't for the area. I don't weight things looking new highly and ok with the biking environment in squirrel hill (though I want better for my kids!). But anyways, I certainly don't begrudge someone that choice... if you've got the money and you want it, go for it. My choice wasn't exactly cheap, either, even though it's enabled us to basically idle one car.
2014-03-14 12:41:12
I still think calling a project "Hot Metal FLATS" and pitching it as bike friendly is tone-deaf, or indicates a lack of a focus group. Just Saying. Q What happened to your tire? A I got a Hot Metal Flat, dude!
2014-03-14 21:55:06
Meh. Granted, calling it Hot Metal Lofts or Hot Metal Gardens would have been cooler, so to speak, but I think the irony (*giggle*) is going to be lost on most people.
2014-03-15 10:40:05
Thought of a better name: Southside Spendthifts Or maybe Waterview Wastrels I like the trend of appropriating the working class history of this city into apartment complexes that charge rents that are on par with the cities per capita income
2014-03-15 14:07:03