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PBP 2019

PBP 2019 is next year. This is the peak world-wide randonneuring event, held every four years. If you're in good or great shape and are interested in endurance cycling, next year is your last opportunity to ride in this until 2023. PBP = Paris-Brest-Paris is a single continuous ride from Paris to the coast and back. There are different time limits (80, 84, and 90 hours). You can sleep, but it count against your time. You're competing against like 5000 riders from all over the world. Completing PBP means you never have to apologize for being a sucky rider again. To do it, you have to qualify, completing rides of 200, 300, 400, and 600 km early next year. (PBP itself is 1230 km). There's a local club, Pittsburgh Randonneurs (, which organizes rides, provides advice , etc. They've completed all their rides until the fall, but will provide everything except the 600 km brevet in time to qualify next year. (For 600 km you can go to Ohio Randonneurs, or DC, for example). Pittsburgh has a 100% track record completing PBP, because we're tough. I ran across this blog post about randonneuring. I liked it because the skill level of the rider was about where I was when I did PBP 2015: able to complete at the 90 hour level if I minimized my time at the controles.
2018-05-28 17:35:30
Pit Randos will be running additional rides this year. At the start of 2018, they chose not to commit to specific dates too far in the future (beyond the now-completed spring series). But now the schedule of summer rides is due to be released "shortly". In addition, sometimes ad hoc rides are posted to their Google Group and Facebook Groups. Highly recommended if you have any interest in endurance rides and laying down big miles!
2018-05-28 19:02:01