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Pedal PGH 2014 60mi route map?

Assuming it will be similar to last year... just curious when it'll be posted.
2014-08-12 17:26:45
From the FAQs: "Due to construction, paving, and other unexpected street closures, the turn-by-turn cue sheets won’t be available until the day before the ride. Printed cue sheets will be available at the start of the ride. We will also have the directions downloadable to enter into your GPS or smart phone, one day prior to the ride. Additionally, the route will be clearly marked. Click here to see maps from 2013. The 2014 courses will be similar. (subject to change)."
2014-08-13 08:10:55
Missed that. Thanks Jay!
2014-08-13 08:11:56
The route may be up already. They put the signs up. Or at least some of the rides are up
2014-08-13 18:25:29
Saw a couple signs up on greenfield ave today when I was riding through.
2014-08-13 21:41:48
yep, saw signs up today on Liberty Ave in Bloomfield and a 'caution: bike ride' sign on Fifth in Oakland.
2014-08-14 16:03:20
Also signs & painted route markers on the road in the strip and signs on Smithfield downtown.
2014-08-14 17:55:14
Yeah I noticed the little pink chevrons painted around beechwood today near frick. I got an email saying that packets should be available to pick up. I don't remember if I signed up or not. I am gonna have to look back through emails.
2014-08-14 21:05:54
More signs and road marks today (Saturday) on Woods run going up to Riverview Park, then going down Perrysville. Don't know how far because I took Marshall. Then more going over the 16th street bridge and heading east to...?
2014-08-16 12:21:20