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Penitentiary Parking

I am looking to half commute to work downtown & I would be driving down 65 & would want to park somewhere by the  Penitentiary on Westhall or at least close by & then bike the rest. The Map says there is parking there, and I googled street viewed it & I do see some spots in front of the sewage plant on the street.  Does anyone know what my parking options are along that trail early in the morning around say 7ish? Thanks for your help!
2017-08-07 12:44:33
Always seems to be spots there.
2017-08-07 13:16:09
There is a marked park-and-ride lot in that area, too. Huge, always lots of spaces. Between Beaver and Chateau Streets (literally under PA65) by Island Avenue.
2017-08-07 15:53:32
The option that I usually use when I ride into town from the Rt 65 corridor is the lot at Peggy's Harbor. Unless you want to add an extra mile or so backtracking up to the old jail, this lot is most convenient off of the Beaver Ave ramps. Entering, turn onto Franklin, and follow it into the lot. When exiting, you need to drive an extra block north to Columbus Ave in order to access the 65 North ramps. I've noticed during the week that the adjacent businesses seem to use the lot as well, but there is generally availability. If that is full, the next option out is the diagonal roadway that runs off of Preble behind Aerotech.
2017-08-07 16:20:14
Oh awesome, I didn't know about those areas. Thanks for all the replies.
2017-08-07 16:24:09
I ride by the Penitentiary and in the rail trail almost everyday and at 7am you have open parking at any spot. The Park and ride rarely has more than 3 cars at anytime, Peggy's Harbour does get a little busy during the warmer months. Depending on your desired ride length you can park at the now empty penitentiary(Westhall St), park and ride lot next to Aerotech, lastly lot by Peggy's Harbour. Enjoy the ride in and try not to hit the bunnies.
2017-08-10 08:20:37