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Penn Ave Bike lane....walking lane?

This is a matter I will 311 eventually but does anyone else notice the amount of people walking in all sections of the bike lane on Penn Ave. downtown? I have even seen a person (multiple actually) using the bike lane in wheelchairs while the sidewalk remains 100% empty. I'm not cold hearted but a wheelchair met with a bicycle moving at speed or worse a turning vehicle would be just ugly. The people walking in the bicycle lane angers me and seems more defiance than anything. I will ring my bell and / or say: "Watch out." or "coming on your left." loudly if neccessary to yield no response. The sidewalk is TOTALLY empty when this happens as well. It really negates having a bike lane.
2016-01-14 23:59:45
Yes, I see things like this frequently. It will take time (a few years?) for people to get used to bike lanes and for pedestrians and car drivers to learn proper behavior with the bike lanes. We need to speak up and make noise (figuratively & literally), and insist on our rights, but not become so militant that it makes our cause look bad. Unfortunately, we recently had a (generally reasonable) radio host complaining about cyclists getting "very upset when you walk into their lane": http://localhost/mb/topic/penn-ave-bike-lane/page/5/#post-321785
2016-01-15 00:31:00