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Penny Farthing/hi wheel bike to try/buy or just any information at all. Thanks.

I know this is pretty obscure, but maybe someone knows.  I want to try and ride a high wheel bike.  I am going to call bicycle heaven tomorrow and see if they would rent me one for a bit, but I want to learn about them and maybe buy one at some point.  I think I want to buy new, but they are pricy.  Still cycling isn't an expensive hobby and if I have to lay down some money I will.  I am getting on in years and really want a side hobby.  Riding a high wheel, might be very fun for me.  Is there any makers in our region that make quality?  I am talking about from Maine down to South Carolina.  I will also be in Florida next month, so anywhere in that state would work.  Sadly the high wheel bike race in MD was cancelled this year.  I was on my way last year and got a damn flat tire on my car and it was raining like crazy, so I only had a donut, so I couldn't go.  Wow, what a shame and now that it was cancelled, I am just bummed! Any advice on where to start this journey would be great.  I am also going to search forums, but figures I would start super local first.  If you have one and are okay with letting me try it, I will pay for that opportunity.  I am 6'2", so that might be an issue. Thanks for any help.
2019-10-10 19:04:55
I did see video of that somewhere, but I don't think much was said about it.  Thanks for your reply.
2019-10-10 21:19:32
Chris at Thick Bike has brought a penny bike to Try-a-Bike in the past.  I'm sure if you stopped by the shop with a few beverages and/or pastries he'd be willing to let you try his. BTW, leg length is very important. I think Chris is at least six foot tall, I'm not, so I can't reach the pedals on his bike.    
2019-10-11 09:30:38
I’ve tried his. I can’t get on it. I did, however, mount the thing on the bus bike rack that PAT dropped off for Try-a-Bike. Might take me an hour to dig through years of Twitter pictures to find it, but I know it exists. Though I doubt you could actually take it on a bus.
2019-10-13 20:26:24
Thanks for the replies.  I will give them a call.  I have met him before and we are about the same height.  Would love to try it, but understand if he is unwilling.  There is also bicycle heaven. Thanks again.
2019-10-14 22:47:06