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PMTCC Rides 2014

PMTCC At The OTB When:Wednesday, Apr 2, 2014 Where: 2518 East Carson Street, Pittsburgh, PA, United States (map) Description: This ride will be a weekly, all class, no drop ride around the city (12-20 miles distance) at a recovery pace, (12- 15 mph on the flats). After the ride, appetizers are discounted by the OTB for all participants.
2014-03-22 18:50:04
2014-03-23 01:52:41
Should be usual 6:30pm.
2014-03-23 09:20:41
Street Ride With Sean- ABC-class/20mi/ hills When: Sat, April 12, 9:00am – 11:30am Where: 885 Progress St 15214 ( the 16th St Bridge parking lot ) Description: This will be 22 mile all class ride with just two hills. Lead by Sean F . view map here:
2014-04-11 19:31:17
Street Ride With Mikhail-C-Class/ 30mi/Hills When: Sun, April 13, 9am – 12pm Where: 885 Progress Street, Pittsburgh, PA, United States (map) Description: or to Duquesne -- In any case we will decide at the bridge. both routes design to have 27-29 miles with some long but not very steep climb. Ride Descriptions A Pace 16 mph and up. Rolling to hilly terrain, rest stops are at discretion of ride leader. B Pace 13 - 15 mph. Rolling to hilly terrain, rest stops are at discretion of ride leader. C Pace: 11 - 13 mph. Variable terrain, distance is usually 15 -35 miles. No drop with option of a sweep, if volunteered. Rest stops will be periodically available. D Pace Up to 11 mph. Most level terrain, distance is less than 20 miles. Designated sweep: group will wait for all cyclists. Rest stops will be frequent. D Pace rides are a good pace for beginners and families. Try a D pace ride if you are not sure of your abilities. All Class Rides Give riders an opportunity to try to keep pace with riders from the category above to see if they are ready to move up a category for regular rides. Riders can always fall back to slower group if necessary.Example: "C Pace" riders try riding with the "B pace" group. (Wednesday night rides are All Class Rides)
2014-04-11 19:46:28
Trail Ride With Mabel When: Sun, April 13, 11am – 1pm Where: Eliza Furnace Trail Head located off of Second Avenue/make left turn at Swinburne Street at the flashing yellow lights (map) Description: BUNNY HOP RIDE --Class D - Easy / Rails to Trails Ride Join us for a leisurely 20 mile trail ride along the beautiful Mon and Allegheny Rivers. We will enjoy the forecasted perfect cycling weather and the cruise through budding spring wild flowers along the Allegheny Passage Trail. After the ride, the Easter bunny will be serving jelly beans. Please RSVP to Mabel Lee at by Friday, April 11.
2014-04-11 19:47:19
PMTCC 101 teaching people:
2014-04-11 20:05:33
8:00am Street Ride With Mikhail When: Sat, June 21, 8am – 1pm Where: 885 Progress Street, Pittsburgh, PA, United States (map) Description: Leaving from the parking lot near the 16th Street bridge, we will head out to the airport in a 60 mile loop. Most hills will be in the first half of the route. This is a C pace (11 - 13 mph), no drop ride. Faster riders are welcome to follow the cue sheet on their own. Rain Cancels. Cue sheet and map available at Printable cue sheet is here: Questions about the ride? Contact the Ride Coordinator at Please help keep our roads clean by not littering. Stash it, don't trash it.
2014-06-18 14:55:17
Today at 6:30pm from OTB...
2014-06-18 16:01:10