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Pre-Showdown Throwdown (5/30)

Hey! Steel City Showdown is this coming Sunday (5/31). I'm holding a ride on Saturday (5/30) starting at 4pm from OTB. Goal is to show some out of town racers around, but ride is a slow-medium pace and all inclusive. Tentative Route: May adjust depending on traffic (on East Carson, specifically). We'll end at OTB for food. Join us!
2015-05-26 09:26:40
Sorry to be a party pooper, but isn't that when that... Concert.. Is coming to town? Please be safe with all of the... Drunks.. On the road. That is me trying to be nice.
2015-05-27 18:55:29
I thought that toothless hillbilly inbred hootenanny was last Saturday. I posted in the dangerous drivers thread about watching for the hillbills in big man trucks thinking it was last week. I woke up at 5:30 and hightailed it down the GAP to Connellsville to get out of Pittsburgh on the most annoying weekend of the year. Oh well, I guess it gives me another excuse to get out of dodge on the bike again this weekend. They will still be out tailgating at 4:00, so be careful on your ride! I also am being nice.......and I lost my front teeth in an accident and was raised in Central PA, so I guess I am projecting on the folk that go to this concert.
2015-05-28 16:48:47
No, the K.C. and the Shitstorm Band concert is this Saturday.
2015-05-28 18:53:15
That ride goes right through the shitstorm too. Those poor out of town racers are going to have a bad experience cycling our fair city. You probably will be going through the North Shore around 4:30 and they will most likely be shit pants wasted at that time. Make sure you have spare tubes. There will be lots of broken glass and cans all over North Shore drive.
2015-05-28 19:19:40