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Pro-Walk Pro-Bike threads & background info Saw this on Twitter, thought it was an excellent approach to the general topic of bike lane design. I'm sure we'll have lots more links for topics being discussed at the conference. Rather than have 87 threads, let's start here & add to it as we go along.
2014-09-05 18:07:40
Silly question, but are any conference events/talks open to the general (unregistered) public?
2014-09-08 12:28:29
There is a public open house on Tuesday evening. I want to say it runs from 5:30 to 8, or thereabouts.
2014-09-08 12:33:50
5 to 7 p.m.
2014-09-08 15:52:30
I haven't been interested in attending anything at this conference. I see at the open house however there is a session on how the Robinson Ikea bus stop was made to happen, so that's interesting. Let me just register here that the Ikea bus stop is awesome. That's really all I have to offer.
2014-09-09 06:27:53
I'm going to miss the open house. Anyone want my ticket? Can someone go and take notes?
2014-09-09 11:16:20
Something Peduto and Foxx have in common = being hit by cars (if I'm remembering correctly). It's sad that that seems to be what's necessary for progressive action.
2014-09-11 08:34:27
This explains that we didn't get the money we wanted from DOT for redeveloping the lower Hill. Which explains why Peduto was giving Foxx the book on Teenie Harris, and talking about how Pittsburgh and DOT could work together in the future. Guy's always schmoozing, trying to get more money for Pittsburgh.
2014-09-11 08:49:19
i will be there from 5-7
2014-09-12 08:46:38
"I saw next to zero spandex at the PW/PB/PC conference. It wasn’t a bunch of mustachioed fixie-riding hipsters – although there were some of those, too. It was a lot of people who are interested in creating better places to live, one intersection at a time." -- Why I’m Hopeful We Can Create Better Places
2014-09-16 11:47:33
There was a teaser email from Adventure Cycling talking about an Amtrak rollon-rolloff announcement to be made at Pro-Walk/Bike/Place. I've had my head down most of the last few weeks and didn't see any announcements. Did anybody hear anything? Thanks!
2014-09-16 19:18:35
I did, but not at or through the conference. The Amtrak bike committee had another conference call just this afternoon. The RORO service on Amtrak is definitely going to happen. Expect to hear something in November about service in springtime. I'm still hoping for a soft opening in November-ish.
2014-09-16 20:48:51
thanks Stu. if they want any more testers, I'm all in.
2014-09-16 21:26:41