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Public Space + Public Life Survey

Back in October 2015, Envision Downtown conducted a survey called Public Space + Public Life in the downtown area. A report on this survey has been published: I haven't had a chance to look at the report closely, but there are quite a few interesting observations and data about cycling and walking in the Golden Triangle. Dig in and discuss.
2016-04-12 13:12:31
3) Good Point. "There is no network that supports everyday cycling" Though, I see the east/west bikeway on ft pitt blvd to connect via stanwix to the penn ave bike lane as a big step in creating a route through downtown. Adding this connection, along with Mon wharf connector will make getting from the EFT or Southside through downtown more pleasant. However, there still needs to be ways to get to downtown destinations not on the ft Pitt / Stanwix / Penn corridor. Looking forward to seeing if they can incorperate more changes when BRT plans reconfigure wood/smithfield and other streets.
2016-04-13 11:28:02