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Reasons not to ride a bike

Let's start a discussion about training kids that no form of transportation is valid other than driving. Exhibit A: West View, Ann Arbor Ave at Georgetown.
2016-12-04 11:48:03
Reasons to drive a car: 1. Warmer 2. Faster 3. Easier 4. Listen to tunes 5. Converse with passenger 6. Carry lots of stuff 7. Don't need to dress different 8. In a pinch, can sleep there 9. Less likely to be injured in accident 10. Don't get wet in rain Hmm maybe I should do this more
2016-12-04 12:37:21
11. Depending on your skills and opportunities, you can lose far more in opportunity costs than what you save. 12. The economics of getting hurt by a driver with no or inadequate insurance and assets are devastating, especially if you are the primary breadwinner.
2016-12-04 14:45:53
The sign in the photo only seems to prohibit biking (and the other activities) on the sidewalk. A big difference between "bikes belong only on the street" and "only driving is valid".
2016-12-04 22:58:51