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Replacement Superflash backs (old style)

One of the things I like about Planet Bike products is they have a section for "small parts" replacement sales, so you can just replace the one part that is broken, rather than buy a whole new thing. I had just such a need to replace the back of my Superflash rear (red) light, which recently chipped. I looked at their website but it appears they are sold out of this item--they apparently changed to a new style which is incompatible with the older one (which I have). Does anyone have an extra they'd be willing to sell or give away? I know I have sometimes kept mostly-broken items, and this would probably fall into that category. Thanks!
2014-10-16 12:02:20
A few years ago there were some imitation superflash lights on ebay going for something very cheap like $5 for two of them. I looked at a couple of them, and look to be nearly identical (except for the optics). I wouldn't be surprised if the Planet Bike electronics/optics fit into the imitation back. I'm curious now, so I'll try it when I get home.
2014-10-16 12:29:13
Do you just need the white case? I might have one in my parts bin, but I think the problem is that a set of alkaline cells corroded the metal parts. (Which is why I only use rechargeables anymore, but that's a different story.)
2014-10-19 09:36:44