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Relatively long (academic/statistical) article about report wording and influence on public opinion vis-a-vis motorized vehicles and other entities... alot of fodder for discussion and advocacy ...also source titles sounded interesting:

Does news coverage of traffic crashes affect perceived blame and preferred solutions? Evidence from an experiment  
2019-11-18 01:54:21
With SUVs, "the auto industry convinced millions of Americans to buy vehicles that were more dangerous (for themselves and other people on the road), got worse gas mileage, were worse for the environment, and got them to pay a premium for the privilege of doing so." A marketing consultant advised the auto companies to design to appeal to customers' reptilian brain. Americans were self-centered and afraid of crime, they decided, so they designed SUVs to look menacing, like something you could run over gang members with.
2020-02-11 23:07:29