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Ride your bike for a great cause!

The annual RiverRide 100 is now open to everyone anywhere! RiverRide 100 is a bike ride challenge fundraiser that began in 2013 and benefits the Arthritis Foundation. The goal of RiverRide 100 is to increase arthritis awareness and raise money, while also promoting how bike riding and leading a healthy and active lifestyle can relieve arthritis symptoms. ALL proceeds go to the Arthritis Foundation. To make this annual event more inclusive, it has evolved from just a long distance bike ride among friends to a fundraiser that anyone can participate in. This year, riders will have the option to challenge themselves by pledging to ride 50, 75 or 100 miles and to complete their mileage in one day or throughout the entire month of August. Since there is no set day to complete the mileage, participants from all over the country can take part in the action. Each participant will also be able to create his or her own fundraising webpage or a team page through the RiverRide 100 CrowdRise site. Check out our website to sign up, donate or to learn more: RiverRide 100
2016-07-14 12:58:34
can you comment on the quality of this foundation? always skeptical to donate to something I don't know about.
2016-07-14 14:31:37
Hello! We totally understand your reservations! I am assuming that you are asking about the quality of the Arthritis Foundation. They are a great nonprofit organization that is involved in advocacy, awareness and research. Since its founding in 1948 they have contributed over $470 million toward arthritis medical research. They also advocate for better health policies for people with arthritis as well as government funded research to help improve the lives of arthritis patients. They provide much needed trusted resources to people living with arthritis and support for newly diagnosed patients. They have a very comprehensive website if you would like to visit it to read more about what they do and the services they provide: The Arthritis Foundation. They also have a local office here in Pittsburgh if you would like to contact them to learn more: (412) 566-1645. Please let me know if you have any other questions!
2016-07-14 14:49:09
Charity Navigator has some issues with their financials, but they're a real organization, not a scam.
2016-07-14 21:13:37
Is anyone going to sign up for this? I'll easily do 100 miles in August anyway.
2016-07-19 18:59:21