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Rolling Reds Late At Night

I was biking outbound on Liberty Avenue Tuesday (May 9th) around 11pm and I rolled up to a light at S. Millvale Ave. A guy on the sidewalk identified himself as a biker as well and said I could run the red late at night if I wanted to. I tend not to run reds if there are other people around (trying to build our reputation up a bit) or if it's a populated area (Downtown, Oakland, etc.) But I wanted to see, how does everyone else feel about running/rolling Red lights late at night, say, past 11pm?
2017-05-11 17:44:22
I could run the red late at night if I wanted to
Was he arguing that it's legal, or that you'll get away with it? It's definitely not legal unless you wait at the light long enough to be certain that it is failing to detect you and will never turn green. You'll probably get away with it though. It drives me crazy when I see cyclists cruising through stop signs and running red lights. I think part of the anti-bike sentiment comes from drivers seeing cyclists brazenly violating traffic laws. If you want to use the roads, you should obey the rules of the road.
2017-05-11 20:37:17
In reality all of this happened in about 10 seconds so I didn't really get to know what he meant, but I think he meant that we could get away with it.  
2017-05-11 20:39:19