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Route question. Northside to Schenley.

So I'm moving from Hazelwood to the Marshall/shadeland area. I bike a lot from Hazelwood to schenley to play disc golf, and I want to keep doing that from the Northside. Google says to come all the way down around and take Greenfield Ave like I normally do seems long and unnecessary? Is there a better bike route to take that anyone would suggest? Thanks!
2020-07-01 18:58:25
Ah, one of the beauties of Pittsburgh is there are multiple ways to get somewhere.  I am not exactly sure where you are coming from, but here goes anyway.  I rode from the Science Center to Forbes and Murray 5 days a week for 12 years, and almost always went up Boulevard of the Allies to get on the Jail Trail at Grant, then through Panther hollow.  At the end of Panther Hollow I would either walk over the tracks and go up the trails to The Bartlett Playground, but that is not by the disc golf course.  Other options are up Juno to Boundary to Hamerschlag, or Juno to Yarrow to Schenley.  The only times I rode up Greenfield was when the snow was too deep through Panther Hollow. A shorter more urban route (more traffic, but probably faster) is up Forbes from downtown, through uptown on a parallel street or alley, through Oakland, then cut over to Shenley Drive at some point.  It’s a more engaging route, whereas the trail to and through Panther Hollow is clear sailing less mindful riding, but longer. Sometimes I would take a parallel street through the strip into the beginnings of Lawrenceville, then Liberty through Bloomfield, where you could cut over towards Oakland, but   This would be out of your way.
2020-07-01 21:11:22
I would do Jail Trail, Junction Hollow Trail, cross railroad tracks, and Panther Hollow Trail up to Bartlett Playground, as Dave suggested. An alternate route would be via 31st St Bridge, Herron-Melwood-Gold thru Polish Hill to Oakland, then bike across CMU into Schenley Park. That might work better for the return trip, since Herron is a steep climb.
2020-07-01 22:31:39
thank you both!
2020-07-02 08:32:53